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  1. I eventually gave up and had to switch the server to Apache. I'm not sure what PrestaShop is doing that is causing these issues but hopefully they'll fix it eventually so these special work arounds for Nginx are just no longer needed.
  2. I tried a few of those but still ended up with various errors. Even if it did work, it all seems too fragile and basically just a hack since those configuration files set up special redirects for half a dozen of the Prestashop URLs, and if any of those Prestashop URLs change in future versions, or if new ones are added, the configuration file redirect hacks would have to be updated also. I ended up switching to Apache. I generally prefer Nginx, but I think Prestashop 1.7 just isn't set up to work well with it because Prestashop is doing something unusual with the way it handles URLs that causes issues with Nginx.
  3. Are there currently any working instructions for using PrestaShop 1.7 with Nginx? I've seen several Nginx config files from people who have tried it, but none seem to work (either 404 or 500 errors). It seems like most people end up giving up and using Apache?
  4. I'm new to PrestaShop development and I'm working on a module that needs to be able to "flag" an order for certain types of suspicious activity. What's the best way to indicate an issue with an order? Is there a way to "flag" an order, add a "tag", or maybe attach a note to an order?
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