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  1. I need to display tax details along with total tax required on customer checkout. Pl. help me thanks
  2. i am also facing the same problem , i want to apply taxes state wise for canada. For example, canada has 11 states and each state has different tax rates so how can be managed in presta shop to apply tax rate on product based on address postal code or state . If you find solution , also let me know thanks
  3. check modules whether it requires updation, if not, then reset relevant modules and then check tax calculation
  4. Dear All, Is there any possibility in presta shop to apply tax (H.T/GST etc)based on postal code or state wise for canada. thanks
  5. Is there any way you could make the categories stacked on top of each other rather than having to click on a category to show those products? So something like this (simple no slider or scroller required) Category 1: Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Category 2 Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Category 3 Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 And so on....
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