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  1. Hello did you solve this issue or find if it got changed position wise?
  2. Hello, exactly what is your problem? This can be fixed easily
  3. Hey guys! Hope all is going well! This is what my combination section looks like(see image). I have 3 colors and 7 sizes. For color beige, I only have size 57 in stock and it says "Disponible" which is "Available" If I click on any other size I get a message saying "no stock, pick another size" This is really annoying becuase the customers have to literally check every size to finally realize that I only have stock in size 57. Is there any way I can make all the other sizes hide? change color or anything? To distinguish the available stocks and the non available stocks. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  4. I want to auto select a filter on the module everytime a customer goes on a category page. Is this possible? I use prestashop 1.7 and faceted module version v3.7.1 Thank you!
  5. I have a prestashop in Mexico and I have a lot of visitors from united states. I would like to open a new prestashop so the people from the US don't see my website in Mexico. I read something about the multistore function and sounds really interesting. However, I don't know if I need to install another prestashop? Or are the files/database I already use enough to open the new prestashop? Another question is that, I have a few countries blocked by geolocation that I wouldn't want blocked on the new prestashop, how would I go about this? Does prestashop let me configure that for both stores? Also, can I add different prices for different stores?
  6. Hello! Hope all is well! I am using prestashop 1.7 and the module is version 3.7.1 Some filters work while others do not, the page just turn blank pretty much. Please see for yourself: https://riograndeboots.com.mx/12-vaquera When you enter that link, you will see this: The filters in red are the ones that don't work, while the other ones work perfectly. This is the same for a lot of my category pages. Does anyone know why this happens? Any ideas are welcomed! Thanks
  7. FIXED: I was looking at it all wrong, before trying this switch I changed my cookie back office life to like 50000 so I changed it back to 450 using the database and it worked.
  8. Hello! Hope all is well I was working on a website for in prestashop version in a sub domain. Today I tried to make it my main domain so I changed the files into the carpet "public_html" and I changed the website URl in the back office. Apparently something bad happened, becuase my back office stopped working. Whenever I put my password/email it just refreshes the page, and when I put an incorrect password, I get the error message saying that employee doesn't exist. I have PHP version 7.2, I deleted the cache folders, i cleared my cache, tried in incognito mode and even on another computer and all do the same thing. I turned debug mode on and no error comes up, and I also tried using google chromes console and nothing... If anyone has any ideas I really really need them, and I appreciate it! Thank you so much
  9. Hello! Hope all is well! I am using prestashop 1.7 I have a about 20 products in all my categories and I have the default products in page set to 13, but I would like to know if it was possible to add a buttom to show all products in that category. Hope I made myself clear and someone will be nice enough to help me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thank you so much! I was looking everywhere for that module except in the "Modules catalog".. Thanks again for helping me solve it! I got it working
  11. After further digging, I found out that in ps 1.6, that block is called specials block and it's attached to the display left collumn hook, however, I can't find that specials block in 1.7
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