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  1. Having images handled by my own solution (object storage & image proxy). So I need to just store an image id/name in prestashop and provide a link to image handled by my own solution. It is not hard to do for frontend, but cannot find a way for backend. I also do not manage products in prestashop, I'm synchronizing it with my warehouse solution.
  2. Hello, I'm not able to get a way how to rewrite an image URL in product administration. I'm able to do it for frontend by overriding Link->getImageLink(). Unfortunately it will not take in effect for administration. Need to rewrite it in following locations Thank You for Your advice.
  3. Hello, I would like to have prices defined in CZK in a backoffice. Anyway I would like to sell my goods in EUR, USD, .... (any other currency than CZK). So far (to define prices in CZK) I have configured CZK as a default currency. How to achieve to do not display it?
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