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  1. @Benjamin: When "Custommer currency" (in DB represented as -1) is in effect, the Paypal module gets filtered out here. Is it correct to add -1 to the IN conditions? I think it is so I've prepared a pull-request.
  2. Ok this is odd. The paypal module seems ok in backoffice but it is missing in the order payment method selection when submitting an order. Hooks seem to be ok though. Update: In Modules > Payment there is Currency restrictions table. If I select a currency here and save and then go to frontoffice and select the same currency, paypal shows up. However I need it to work with the option "Customer currency" which doesn't work.
  3. @Benjamin: Interesting. Your archive actually does work. It appears that paypal module was already installed (I didn't have to install it again after uploading). Will you release it as new version officially? However previously it was more like the Module was installed in the database data but the actual module files were not present. I didn't have to delete /modules/paypal because it didn't exist. I've recently upgraded from to which is when it stopped working. Something went wrong then probably (although the upgrade log was all green). Thank you very much for your support!
  4. @ajboelen: Well the FTP method doesn't work for me. When I try to install the Paypal module it throws some error and the entire paypal folder is deleted.
  5. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue as @dmsims (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/237888-paypal-module-348-error/?do=findComment&comment=1188437) with Paypal module 3.6 and Prestashop after upgrading from How can I fix it? Or do you still need FTP access to investigate?
  6. Hi, where can I find the link to create new payment method? I can't see it anywhere (prestashop Also how can I remove this module? Can't find it in the modules list.
  7. Thank you! I will try it out :-) As I can see it's based on the old ship2pay module. ShiffModuleCarrier is better then Ship2pay in my opinion but this certainly is better then nothing. Česká dokumentace mi opravdu nevadí. ;-)
  8. So, does anyone know a module with same functionality as Ship2pay (PS 1.3) and StiffModuleCarrier (PS 1.4) but for Prestashop 1.5? I can't upgrade to 1.5 without it.
  9. I've the same problem using The 'discount_quantity_applied' column is in the ps_order_detail table so that is not the problem. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  10. Ve verzi stačí tyto 3 kroky: 1) Vložit soubory arialmt do /tools/fpdf/fonts 2) Objednávky > PDF vybrat arialmt a uložit (i v případě, že arialmt je již vybráno!) 3) do /override/classes vložit přiložený soubor Tools.php Tools.php
  11. I've encountered the same error. All i needed to do was regenereate the .htaccess file!!
  12. I have the same issue on my prestashop. Did you manage to get it working?
  13. Včera jsem upgradnul na novější verzi a teď mi nejde změnit ručně pořadí produktů - což mně zvláště u Home velmi mrzí. Dříve u produktů byly šipečky nahoru dolů a šlo to přetahovat i myší. Teď už ne. Poraďte prosím. Při té příležitosti ještě jeden dotaz - existuje nějaký modul, který by vybrané produkty rotoval nebo měnil pořadí? Aby úvodní stránka nebyla tak statická. Děkuji za odpovědi
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