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  1. Go to /themes/your_theme/templates/customer/_partials/order-messages.tpl and commit <input type="hidden" name="id_order" value="{$order.details.id}"> and button (all inside <footer> tag)
  2. Actually it's not menu bug, you were on /brands page and some styles were not loaded. But what can I do with menu?
  3. Thanks a lot, but for me it heppends sometimes. I checked console, but sometimes when it bugs, I didnt have :before and :after tags. What should I do?
  4. Try to disable "mani meny", clear cache, and then try to activate "mega menu" If it's still disabled, it means it uses same hook.
  5. You modified your .css file Go to /themes/your_theme/assets/css folder. Check custom.css - it seems you rewrote some .css styles of js files. How to check it fast?: 1. Go to /themes/your_theme/assets/css/custom.css 2. Copy all data (ctrl+a ; ctrl+c somewhere to keep it). 3. Delete all data from custom.css 4. Go to performance, clear cache. If your menus are good after point 4, it seems you rewrite .css styles. 5. Restore your custom.css and then try to find error inside. The same you can do for .js file in /js/ folder
  6. Hello to all, I have some strange bug (sometimes) my menu on website. Here is normal behaviour for desktop version: And here is some strange behaviour: As you can see, the menu bar is dissapearring instead of stay. What can I do? Please help!
  7. 1. You go to back office than -> Shop parameters -> Customers settings -> Groups (tab) . Here you create "VIP" group and add your clients here ( you need to select a client from "Invited" "client" groups and modify selected clients - choose those you like to see in vip) If you like all VIPS has 25% discount for all products: 2. Go to backoffice -> Catalog-> Discounts. Here you add 25% discount, but dont forget to see and understand all tabs and params (play with it). In you case, you need to Conditions (Tab) and select "Customer group selection" and then Actions->Apply discount and here you add your 25%. If like to apply only for some products: Go to your product you like to apply discount only for VIP: Catalog->Products-> [select your product] -> Pricing (tab) ->Add specific price (button). And choose you params ( you choose for VIP group)
  8. Imagine your hosting =https://hosting.com . You login to https://hosting.com. You go to restore/backup section and somewhereyou will see something as backups. Backups are daily. It's not a DB backups, its full restore (DB+website). Somwhere there also, you can download .sql files to restore db (ofc archeived). Also, in your ftp files (maybe) you can have /backups folder with current backups
  9. If you have no errors while saving product, it's good. What I propose you to test 1. Save attributes 2. Try to find this product manually 3. It's ok Dont forget, while tou changing product type with attributes , URL changes.
  10. Go to your hosting web site, check if you have current backups, if yes you can restore complete version. All actions you want to make = hosting side.
  11. How to change it programmatically: Go to /templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl Find: {if $product.discount_type === 'percentage'} <span class="discount-percentage discount-product">{$product.discount_percentage}</span> Change to: {if $product.discount_type === 'percentage'} <span class="discount-percentage discount-product">{$product.discount_percentage|string_format:"%d"}</span> If I solved your question, please dont forget to press grey heart on the right-bottom corner.
  12. Если я правильно понял, вам необходимо просто показать описание категории после списка товаров на странице category? Все довольно просто, заходим в /themes/your_theme/templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl, после следующего кода {else} {include file='errors/not-found.tpl'} {/if} добавляем: {if $category.description} <div> <p>{$category.description|strip_tags}<p> <div> {/if} Также не забываем добавить стили для div и p тэгов
  13. Вариант 1 1. Открой /modules/ps_cashondelivery/ps_cashondelivery.php (это модуль, все изменения по payment method cash on delivery тут) 2. найди и измени, что то типа $this->displayName = $this->trans Вариант 2 Также можешь не париться, зайди в Backoffice, вкладка InterNational -> translations -> выбираешь module translation ( твой модуль - ps_cashondelivery) и меняешь все переводы как тебе нужно. Всё.
  14. Vous pouve creer un tableau dans la base des donnees avec champs suivants: id; id_commande; date_d'echeance Apres, chaque fois que la commande est passe, remplir cette bd et afficher sur la facture P.S. Desole pour les accents
  15. Hello to all, I am wondering how to get backoffice product link with the token? Something like ::getAdminProductLink($id_product) wich redirects to the backoffice product page. Any suggestions? P.S. getAdminTokenLite and getAdminToken are not the same tokens in this link
  16. Hello to all, I need to acess this values (shown on screenshot) I tried $order['id_address_invoice'] and $order->id_address_invoice but nothing worked. What I should do?
  17. How to register hook First, create a hook function in your main .php file of your module. Like this: public function hookyour_hook_nameHook() { dump("it works"); } Next step, registration of the hook: 1. Programmatically: During the installation ( function install() ) you have next line: return parent::install() && $this->registerHook('your_custom_hook_name'); actually, you can register hook anywhere you want with next line: $this->registerHook('your_custom_hook_name'); 2. In the BO of prestashop (I prefer this one): Go to Design->Positions->Transplant a module (top-right corner)->"choose_your_module"->"choose hook you created" ->Save P.S. the hook "triggers" by itself, you don't need to call it somewhere P.S2. You can fast create a module here, than follow the instructions I described to you above.
  18. Hello, This question is more SQL than prestashop. I like to get number of products sold by brand. For example: I need to see number of products (brand1) sold during the year 2020. We have 'ps_order_details' where stored all products sold, and I need to go to the table 'ps_product', take 'id_brand' and check in the 'ps_manufacturer' if it's correct brand. How to do this?
  19. Check you hosting for "max execution time" f.e 30secs Check your payment rules, if you have too many onces, the cart will stuck.
  20. You use outlook for internal messages? Check your hosting panel and domain names. Outlook is blocking some content in my case
  21. I recommend you to go to the: /root_folder/themes/your_theme/mails/language_you_use_for_email_templates or throught BO: International->Transaltions->Emails translations and modify your email, you can also see previev here
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