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  1. Hi Tomerg3 I'm having an issue with the product links (ie the gift suggestions) and images in the reminder email. The links look like this: http://http///all-items/2-earrings.html The images don't show, as the paths to them are also wrong. I've tried replacing the variable for $shop_url_bare, so its the actual URL of the store ie: $shop_url_bare = 'http://domain.com/' When I do this, the images show correctly, but the links to the products look like this: http://domain.com/http:///all-items/2-earrings.html Do you have any idea what's going wrong with the paths, and how I can fix it? Thanks so much for your help. My client loves your module!
  2. I've got another question for you: where can I find the template for the gift suggestions part of the email? reminder.html just has a placeholder {gift_suggestions_html}, but I can't see any equivalent html file for it. Also the placeholder for the vouchers part of the email - {voucher_html} - is it referring to the voucher.html file, or should there also be an equivalent file for it in the blockoccasionreminder directory? Thanks!
  3. Hi IBICO - just in case you haven't already seen this, a fix for this bug has been posted on the bug tracker: http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/6371/ It worked for both my stores
  4. I have a client who is selling a lot of similarly named products. So when she receives an out of stock alert for a product, it can be a little confusing for her to figure out exactly which one its referring to. She would like the reference number for the product added to the alert email. Is this possible, and if so, how? Thanks!
  5. Hi IBICO - I'm working on two stores for clients, and the reference number is not appearing on the new order notifications for either of them. But it does appear on the copy the customer receives. The stores are both fresh installs of version 1.3.3. It does very much look like this is a bug, as I haven't done any modifications to one of the stores at all yet. I haven't been able to figure out what's causing it either. I've been through all the files in the mailalerts module and compared them to those from version (where it was working), and the changes that have been made don't seem like they would affect the reference number. Can somebody please take a look and post a fix? Its extremely frustrating, as I can't launch the stores while the issue is still occurring. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for that! I've changed the permissions on the cron folder and the cron file to 755, and I no longer get the 500 error. I just get a blank page. What should I see when I run the cron file from the browser?
  7. Thanks for the suggestion for the time. I will try that. So when you say call the cron file from the browser, do you mean http://www.domainname.com/modules/blockoccasionreminder/cron/cron.php? This gives me an internal server error...
  8. Wow - thanks for the quick response! It does indeed work. Thank you. A couple of other things - is it safe to remove the time field from the add a reminder page? My client doesn't want it there. I've also noticed is that the cron job doesn't seem to be working when the store is in maintenance mode. The cron emails a copy of the html for the maintenance page, and any reminder emails due to be sent out don't get sent. Is this how its meant to be, or have I set something up incorrectly? Its making it difficult to test whether the reminder messages are working or not prior to launching my client's site!
  9. This might be a silly questions, but I haven't been able to find a way to do this - how can we switch the date and month selection menus around? ie currently in the "add a reminder" page you have the date in the American order - month, date, year. I'd like it to show date, month, year. Thanks!
  10. My client is wanting to separate the category menu on her store, so that the subcategories of category 2 show in the left column, and the subcategories of category 3 show in the right column. I can duplicate the category block so that I have one in the left and one in the right, but how do I get it to show only the subcategories from a particular category? If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. Vilas - it works fine with 1.3.3, so I'd be very surprised if it didn't work with And it comes with English translation.
  12. I've been pulling my hair out with this one, so I'd be really grateful if someone can help! The "add to cart" button isn't working in the view wishlist page when the cart block module is turned off. My client doesn't want the cart block module - just the cart at the top of the page. Have I done something wrong? Or will "add to cart" from the wishlist only work with the cart block? Has anyone managed to get it to work without the cart block? Please help! Thank you.
  13. Hi 5ummer5 - I realise the code provided is only supposed to be for the front end. On the french thread though, there is mention of modifying admin/tabs/AdminProducts.php (the displayFormFeatures function) to get it to work in the BO too - but no actual code is provided. I was just wondering whether anyone has gotten it to work in the BO and if so, could they provide their code for it. I would save me a hell of a lot of messing about, especially as my php skills suck!
  14. I've managed to get this working on the front end. Has anyone managed to get the ordering to work in the BO? If so, can you share your code, please?
  15. Has anybody been able to get this to work on or 1.3.3? I've tried the code from this thread, as well as the code over on the French thread, and its not stripping out the numbers. I really don't even need to have the features listed in a custom order, just listed in the order I entered them in! Can anyone help please?
  16. Thanks - I realise you can delete modules, but there are those that I am using for their store that I don't want them playing around with (and that they don't really need to access anyway). I also don't want to delete modules in case they need them in future.
  17. I'm setting up prestashop for a client, and I don't want them accessing most of the modules. However, there's some that they will need to use eg the home page editor, block info, and a couple of the payment modules. But it seems like you can only set permissions for all modules or none? Is there a way around this? Or is there at least a way to move the configuration page for specific modules to another tab? For example, would it be possible to move the the bank wire and paypal configuration so they sit under the payment tab instead of the modules tab? I know you can move tabs around using tools > tabs, but I haven't figured out how to move individual modules with this. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  18. It seems that when you add a new cms page, you then have to go into modules > Info block and check the box next to the new page to have it show in the menu in the FO. For a non-techy client, this might be a bit confusing. Its certainly annoying even for a techy one! Is there a way to have it so that any new cms page automatically gets shown in the blockinfo menu? Thanks!
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