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  1. Hello, I'm on PS 1.7.6 I'm trying to edit my 40 automated Emails * 6 translations.... and..... DAMN !!... IT WILL TAKE ME AGES TO DO SO WITH SUCH A POOR INTERFACE... Anyone knows a little toolbox i could add to the poor PS 1.7 native editing 'interface', so that i would.t have to enter the code just to center my text ???.... I know this : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/administrative-tools/20940-supertinymce-pro-professional-text-tinymce-editor.html?ab=1 But clearly, out of my budget... Any free little tool ???... Thanks guys Have a great day !
  2. Hello guys, I'm a zero coder, bit harsh for me, and my code is a bit different with my theme, do u have any idea about the way i could implement the solution with that case ? Here is my product-cover-thumbnails.tpl : <div class="images-container images-container-{if $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "left" || $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "leftd"}left images-container-d-{$iqitTheme.pp_thumbs} {else}bottom{/if}"> {if $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "left" || $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "leftd"} <div class="row no-gutters"> {if $product.images|@count gt 1}<div class="col-2 col-left-product-thumbs">{include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-thumbnails.tpl'}</div>{/if} <div class="{if $product.images|@count gt 1}col-10{else}col-12{/if} col-left-product-cover">{include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-cover.tpl'}</div> </div> {else} {include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-cover.tpl'} {include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-thumbnails.tpl'} {/if} </div> Seems that this code is quite far away from the Classical theme... But maybe not ... Any help ??? Thanks
  3. Here we are !! One thread adressing my problem !! Thank u very much tomerg3 !! ☺️ I don't want to abuse, but I don't know if u can help with the code cause i'm really short on developer skills (if non-existent), and my theme is a bit different code than the classical one for the example u've shown, i'm a bit struggling to understand the structure... Here is my theme product-cover-thumbnails.tpl : <div class="images-container images-container-{if $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "left" || $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "leftd"}left images-container-d-{$iqitTheme.pp_thumbs} {else}bottom{/if}"> {if $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "left" || $iqitTheme.pp_thumbs == "leftd"} <div class="row no-gutters"> {if $product.images|@count gt 1}<div class="col-2 col-left-product-thumbs">{include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-thumbnails.tpl'}</div>{/if} <div class="{if $product.images|@count gt 1}col-10{else}col-12{/if} col-left-product-cover">{include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-cover.tpl'}</div> </div> {else} {include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-cover.tpl'} {include file='catalog/_partials/_product_partials/product-thumbnails.tpl'} {/if} </div> I don't really know where to put the 'conditions' the guys are talking about on the thread u've shown me, if u have an idea than could be super handy... Anyway thanks a lot for your help
  4. Yeah well, can do that with PS... Even can associate all variants with the main combinaison, then strictly the colors combinaisons with the exact images... None of these solutions are really good / homogen / ergonomic.... Anyway, i'm these days getting expert, navigating in the ocean of the PS 1.7 bugs... They shouldn't release the 1.8 before 10 years...
  5. I've explained many times now why the stuff is far away from the state of art. Tired repeating thousand times about the same functional / customer experience / state of art problem. NO clothing shop with variations erases all variations from the slider when we click on the color swatch, and that's for very good reasons, and i won't repeat myself. Btw Dinesh didn't solved the problem.
  6. Bonjour a tous, Ca fait qq heures que je planche sur ce truc et n'etant pas un programmeur, je perds un temps monstre et j'avance pas... je voudrais changer la position d'un div. sur ma page produit (principalement pour la version mobile). C'est a priori assez simple pour qq'un d'experimenté donc si quelqu'un peu me filer un coup de main ici, ce serait cool. :=) https://www.sexy-cherry.com/en/p/43-amazing-sexy-panties-women-high-waist-lace-thongs-and-g-strings-underwear-ladies-hollow-out-underpants-intimates-lingerie.html Le resultat voulu serait celui là... Merci d'avance !
  7. Problem linked to the fact that i had some languages erased from my BO, without beeing erased from DBA.
  8. The problem was linked to the fact that i created some language, then deleted them, whereas the database didn't deleted the associated tables... I had to clean the databases too. That a bug from Prestashop, that does not delete the associated databases tables when we delete the language in the BO.
  9. En fait l'hyperlien generait des erreurs 404 car j'avais juste oublie d'activer les fournisseurs.... Mon erreur a moi, plus d'erreurs 404 , probleme resolu.
  10. Hello Tomerg, Thank you very much for your help. Yes, Prestashop is only showing up the images associates to the selected combinations. It's not good for the customer, because he cannot DIRECTLY/IMMEDIATELY see all the variations images on the product page. He has to click on the color swatch to see other pictures. NO website in my niche (clothes, lingerie....) does this way (and there is a lot). Usually, the color swatches are used, ONLY to change the main image (and optionally to rearrange the order of the little thumbnails/carousel according to the selected colors), without deleting the other combinations. In other words, I want ALL the combination ALWAYS showing in the carousel/thumbnails. And if the customers clicks on the color swatch, ONLY the main image will change, according to the selected color (and optionally the carousel is rearranged showing up in priority the associated color variation pictures) . This is like that on 99% of websites, and i guess that's because it's always better to show up ALL the available choices, the thumnails/carousel are made for that. It's also important for ergonomics/customer experience, cause the customer can always click on the carousel variations instead of color swatches, to quickly see what he is attracted for.
  11. Bonjour, Par précaution et pour éviter de me planter entre mes environnements de test, et mon environnement de production - chose fort courante ma foi lol - je souhaiterais modifier les couleurs (background principalement) de mes Back Office de Test et Developement. L'idée n'est pas de tout révolutionner, mais à minima et par exemple, au moins changer la couleur de la barre des menus à droite... si vous avez une idée je prends avec plaisir...
  12. https://www.sexy-cherry.com/en/p/43-634-amazing-sexy-panties-women-high-waist-lace-thongs-and-g-strings-underwear-ladies-hollow-out-underpants-intimates-lingerie.html#/8-color-white/30-size-xs Here as an example... Click on color swatch, only the color chosen shows off, all the other variants aren't visible in the little slider/product page.... THE CUSTOMER HAS TO CLICK ON COLOR SWATCH. I've tested it on PS 1.6 with our without my theme, we have same problem.
  13. Voila.... En attendant, je suis bien dans les choux...😑 BIG problem to correctly associate product color combinations with pictures without ruining customer experience and product page ergonomic... Ex : lingerie product with different colors and size https://www.sexy-cherry.com/en/p/43-634-amazing-sexy-panties-women-high-waist-lace-thongs-and-g-strings-underwear-ladies-hollow-out-underpants-intimates-lingerie.html#/8-color-white/30-size-xs BO : 1/ attribute type for size : radio, attribute type for color : color & texture 2/ create product combinations with two different attributes sizes and colors 3/ associate each color combination to the right image (ex : all the white lingerie combinations (S,M,L,XL) will be associated with the white lingerie picture... and so on for each color combination) FO Product page : there is always one little 'slide/carousel' near the main big image (either on the left or under the main product picture). This slide is supposed to show ALL the product variants while the big image shows the customer's choice. if i strictly associate each image to each color, the product page won't show any other variant picture than the one chosen as 'default combination' if tweak a bit (associate 'incorrectly' default combination with ALL the pictures if i want to show all variant on the 'landing' product page), then if i click on the desired color swatch (ex : red) ALL the variants pictures (ex : white, black, blue...) will disappear in the slide/carousel !! If the customer want to see other variants, he cannot use the 'mini slide/carousel, he is obliged to click on the color swatches to see the other colors of the same product FO Catalog / Carousels : the images doesn't fade/change when i hover on them i have to tweak (associate 'incorrectly' default combination with ALL the pictures) to have the fading effect in the product box Needless to say : VERY BAD for sales State of art and functionalities : any lingerie/mode/clothes shop, you'll see ALL products color variations ALWAYS visible near the main image on the product page... Tested on PrestaShop version: - PHP version: 7.2
  14. Bonjour, Oui, testé en environnement de dev sur derniere version PS 1.6.2, avec le Theme désactivé ca ne marche pas non plus... C'est dingue que personne n'ai relevé pareil dysfonctionnement...
  15. Bonjour, Je refais un post car l'autre n'a étrangement eu aucun écho ici, sans doute à cause du décalage horaire, et pourtant la chose est vraiment importante Suis sous PS 1.7.5 theme Warehouse 4.2.1 www.sexy-cherry.com Le problème : la gestion des variantes affichées sur la page produit Si je configure correctement mes combinaisons de produits et associe les images disponibles aux attributs de couleur : gros bug >>> sur lq pqge produits, si je clique sur un swatch de couleur (relatif aux attributs de couleurs) pour un produit bien configuré, seules les photos relatives à cette couleur apparaissent dans le petit slide à gauche (ou en bas) de l'image principale. Et.... toutes les autres photos des autres variantes de couleur disparaissent........ Etrange comportement au regard de l'état de l'art (et des évidences fonctionnelles).... Mon shop est un shop de mode féminine / lingerie. Allez voir n'importe quel shop de ce type (fripes, fringues et Cie), les systèmes sont tous identiques : si l'on clique sur une couleur, la photo principale change, mais les autres variantes restent visibles et cliquables sur la petite pellicule déroulante de la page produits.... Ici, non. Rien. Du coup, le seul moyen de laisser toutes les photos du produit toujours visibles pour le client, c'est d'associer toutes les photos à toutes les variantes, indifféremment des propriétés réelles/attributs de couleurs. Evidemment dans ce cas, la fonction qui consite à afficher la photo principale relative à la couleur cliquée dans les petits swatches ne fonctionne plus... Bref, c'est franchement pas glop. Une solution ? Merci d'avance Aurélien
  16. Salut tous, Je suis sur PS 7.5.1 www.sexy-cherry.com Gros probleme de configuration de mon SMTP. J'ai 4 adressses e-mail ([email protected], [email protected]), sauf qu'il m'est impossible pour de les associer aux quatres SMTP usernames associes... Si je change un SMTP username, tous les autres sont automatiquement écrasés... Pas jojo... J'ai bien cherché dans les forums; mais étrangement, aucune remontée... Pourtant c'est un sacré bug, ou alors sans doute un truc m'échappe ?... Une idée ?... Aurélien
  17. Hello Dinesh, I'm still waiting, if u have time to help, for a solution here, cause that's really too bad the way PS Product page behaves with variants... Btw i'm on PS 1.7.5... Tell me if u need anything... Thanks
  18. Hello Guys, Thanks for your help, Well i already disabled the IQIT contact page module to test, but it didn't change the result, i had same problems.... ... and cleaning the browsing data shouldn't change much things, i won't ask my customers to clean their browsing data before sending a message... ....
  19. Hello Dinesh, Thanks very much, for your help i'm getting short on solutions....... First it seems that i cannot configure one SMTP username for one email adress ([email protected], [email protected]) cause PS 1.7.5 overwrite the last saved SMTP username for ALL emails. This could be part of the problem.... Second here my answers to your questions : PS v1.7.5 PS_contact form module v4.1.1 My theme is warehouse v4.2.1 Here the code : <div class="col-sm-8"> <section class="contact-form"> <form action="{$urls.pages.contact}" method="post" {if $contact.allow_file_upload}enctype="multipart/form-data"{/if}> {if $notifications} <div class="col-xs-12 alert {if $notifications.nw_error}alert-danger{else}alert-success{/if}"> <ul> {foreach $notifications.messages as $notif} <li>{$notif}</li> {/foreach} </ul> </div> {/if} <section class="form-fields"> <!--div class="form-group row"> <div class="col-md-9 col-md-offset-3"> <h4>{l s='Contact us' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</h4> </div> </div--> <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Subject' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-6"> <select name="id_contact" class="form-control form-control-select"> {foreach from=$contact.contacts item=contact_elt} <option value="{$contact_elt.id_contact}">{$contact_elt.name}</option> {/foreach} </select> </div> </div> <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Email address' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-6"> <input class="form-control" name="from" type="email" value="{$contact.email}" placeholder="{l s='[email protected]' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}" > </div> </div> {if $contact.orders} <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Order reference' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-6"> <select name="id_order" class="form-control form-control-select"> <option value="">{l s='Select reference' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}</option> {foreach from=$contact.orders item=order} <option value="{$order.id_order}">{$order.reference}</option> {/foreach} </select> </div> <span class="col-md-3 form-control-comment"> {l s='optional' d='Shop.Forms.Help'} </span> </div> {/if} {if $contact.allow_file_upload} <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Attachment' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-6"> <input type="file" name="fileUpload" class="filestyle" data-buttonText="{l s='Choose file' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}"> </div> <span class="col-md-3 form-control-comment"> {l s='optional' d='Shop.Forms.Help'} </span> </div> {/if} <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Message' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-9"> <textarea class="form-control" name="message" placeholder="{l s='How can we help?' d='Shop.Forms.Help'}" rows="3" >{if $contact.message}{$contact.message}{/if}</textarea> </div> </div> {if isset($id_module)} <div class="form-group row"> <div class="offset-md-3 col-md-9"> {hook h='displayGDPRConsent' id_module=$id_module} </div> </div> {/if} </section> <footer class="form-footer text-right"> <style> input[name=url] { display: none !important; } </style> <input type="text" name="url" value=""/> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$token}" /> <input class="btn btn-primary" type="submit" name="submitMessage" value="{l s='Send' d='Shop.Theme.Actions'}"> </footer> </form> </section> </div> I also use the module IQIT Contactpage to improve pagination of the 'contact' page, but i doubt the problem is coming from that... And... This is it... Thanks Aurelien
  20. I use PS Theme warehouse 4.2.1 PHP 7.2 website www.sexy-cherry.com We have 4 emails to contact our team : - [email protected] - [email protected] - [email protected] - webmaster[email protected] These emails are configurated here on the mail server : Problem : I can only set up one SMTP username on PS 1.7.5... cause it seems there is a bug and saving one SMTP username / email will overwrite all the others............. For example here, for Cookies & Privacy Emails, if i set my SMTP username as [email protected], and save it, all other values will be overwritten for the other accounts (webmaster, customer service, partners) In other words, i cannot save different SMTP usernames for different Email accounts under PS 1.7.5.... Any idea ? Thanks a lot Aurelien
  21. Moreover, if i disable all Theme the theme module related to 'contact form' i still do have the problem...
  22. Not a solution. 1/ when u send a message, u need acknowledgment 2/ I have error message either if the message is correctly send OR problem/unsent....
  23. Hello, I have a serious problem with the native PS 1.7.5 contact form Everytime a customer tries to send me one message, there is an error message. Sometimes this error message occurs even if the message is correctly sent. Case 1 : with attachment Here there is SYSTEMATICALLY an error message whereas the message is correctly sent..... strange and bad impression on the customer side... Case 2 : without attachment Error message occurs at first try to send message > no message sent Message correctly sent on the second try................ Very strange behaviour.... Any idea ??? Thx
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