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  1. Hi I removed the 'powered by ps' link at the bottom of each page, but have since updated it and wish to display it again but cannot for the life of me remember where the tickbox was that shows/hides it! tia
  2. I am trying to create a simple drop down list of options for my products. So far I have created 2 attribute types [product type and product format] both are set to drop down list. I have then created 3 values for each attribute [print, digital, usb]. But as you can see from the attached images there is only one option available in each of the two the drop down lists. What am I missing? TIA 🙂
  3. Am using ps 1.61.23 As you can see from the images I have set wholesale price (without markup) and then a retail price (inc markup) BUT the tax rule is set to 'No Tax'. However when I add product to cart it displays 'tax excl.' , it does the same in the cart but the always shows the retail price as £1.99? Am I doing something wrong in my product pricing, or do I need to remove the 'tax incl.' from the add to cart and the cart? TIA
  4. you too, thanks for the help 🙂
  5. yeh I unticked it in modules
  6. thanks but I found it and removed it altogether
  7. thanks btw do you know a quick way to remove the powered by prestashop link at bottom of pages?
  8. as far as i can tell there appear to be a lot of mega menu's, any one in particular?
  9. It would if I wanted to hide the hover bar altogether but I need it for other menu items
  10. thanks sorry if its in the wrong area, first visit 🙂
  11. Hi, Is it possible to add pages/categories to an element displayed on the horizontal top menu BUT not have them display on hover? For example I have a link on the horizontal top menu [resources] and when I hover over it the cats and pages are shown below. However I just want to be able to click on the resources link and go to a page that displays the cats and pages in a list. TIA
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