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  1. this is the module i am looking for. but it is relatively expensive comparing with others similar module. Is it worth to buy?
  2. im interest in this topic. shall i buy any module to implement this function? im talking about the automation and integration. Thanks
  3. if i no need to allow customer selection, i simply use combine product which will be more simple. besides, the advanced pack seems do not have feature to allow product selection (i.e. select 3 out from 10). Hence, it is not price issue.
  4. thanks for your reply. but i am not selling bundled products. I need to give customer to select 3 out of 10 from my pre-set products list.
  5. PS1.7.5.1 how to create product for this case? Product name: Pen Color option: red, orange, yellow, green, and so on (10 colors) I want to sell in $10 for 3 pens and allow the customer to select 3 color.
  6. I want to know too. I am using
  7. I have tried to create by new product but still have the same problem. perhaps it is bug. I am planning to rollback now.
  8. The product image cannot be displayed. I think it is uploaded but the size changed to very very tiny every time. actually I just import the image from the product page. there are no re-sizing option. Don't know what happen.....
  9. I have found the ReferralProgram from https://github.com/PrestaShop/referralprogram Is it official free module and compatible with PS1.7.5.1?
  10. I have found EmailAlert and ReferralProgram's email template from PS1.7.5.1 BO. However, I cannot find the module installed. How can I activate them?
  11. When I edit the email template from BO, it show the following error. But I already use the admin login. Suppose I have full control... Forbidden You don't have permission to access /myshopadmin/index.php on this server.
  12. however, I still want to know why I cannot add language en from the normal method....
  13. solved. I add the language from BO>Translations
  14. facetedsearch upgrade failed in PS1.7.5.1
  15. thanks for your hints. I have found /mails folder. I don't know why the folder name tw changed to hk. I rename it, then solved.
  16. by the way, where can i change the default language of email template?
  17. may i have the path of template? I do not override order class or install new module recently. But i have translated some wordings by BO and add new currency.
  18. The PS cannot send email notification to customer now. The log seems mentions that the email template not found.... (sorry that I cannot create an english log file because I have another problem to add english language that I have raised in another post )
  19. I want to add another language (english) but failed. P.S. I deleted this language from BO before. Not sure any impact....
  20. In addition, what is the htmlFields? It cannot be added but the field is available there... Also, the Tax Identification number ..... seems not effect on the form.
  21. Can I include "Identification Number" in the address registration form?
  22. u create a separeated product and set the description to Free gift.
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