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  1. I do not want any tax excluded on a sale to any customer (in NC), the issue is in the customer settings if I change it to tax included then the checkout looks like how I want it, but the products all show price including tax, not what I want. I want the price in the store to be like $5.00 but in check out to total up everything like $5.35 (tax included)
  2. The taxes in NC are county based, so there are several zip codes that cross county lines, my town for example has 1 zip code but lands in 2 counties, one is an additional 2.25% while the other county is 2% - so setting up by zip codes in North Carolina cannot be done at all.
  3. Amazing - the replies I had are gone... Please someone... ANYONE help me on this!
  4. I have USPS all configured - no issue there once someone is logged an and picked a shipping method. When adding to the cart it says free shipping - I want that gone.
  5. I am $250 in, I may have to count it as a loss. A shame is what it is.
  6. I am having the same issue on and the PHP setting does not seem to matter.
  7. All I want and need is: to be able to add counties in the tax rules to have products in shop have tax not included in price and have the cart have tax included in the final order total be able to export orders with the product info Not have the cart show free shipping - I do not offer it at all and have no shippers that show free shipping Why is this stuff either have no way to do it or cost an arm and a leg to get? For example: I live in NC and the taxis based on ship to address, and some zip codes are split between 2 counties with 2 different tax rates. So if I under charge I have to make up the difference out of pocket, if I overcharge I have to pay in the overage plus penalties for overcharging. To get a module that works is bare minimum $100 or $100 plus monthly subscription fees. This is all so insane. I am already $240 in on a "free cart" for modules I needed for things like shipping, gift cards, and payment processors. and a couple mods don't even work and I cannot get a refund.
  8. Bumping up, I still need help, please.
  9. How do I get rid of the "Free Shipping"? I would like it to say $0.00 at the very least or something like "Calculating" Also - is there a way to keep the products showing price (tax excluded) and the total in the cart as Total (tax included)? Nothing I am trying works. In the customer type if I choose like this: the prices are how I want them without tax on each item, but the cart is not. Like this: Then the cart & check out is what I want, but the items all have a price with tax included showing, not what I want.
  10. I am guessing my IP was telling my site I was in NC, so I changed the state for the tax and see that outside my state it is not charging tax.
  11. Sorry, I thought I put that in - PS
  12. I am having an issue - if a customer is not logged in they see free shipping - I don't even have free shipping available, and I would like my products to show price without tax, but in the cart I would like the total to be tax included. I cannot figure out how to accomplish fixing either of these issues at all.
  13. I tried to set up my local state taxes, I thought it was only supposed to charge for sales in my state, but it is showing up for all.
  14. I am having the same issue - I have SSL on because I need it to run the Square payment, so I cannot turn it off. I am guessing there is no way around it? The page for the module says "Ensure that you have a correctly installed SSL before getting started. For security reasons, you need to make sure that you are using TLS 1.2 or above, SHA-256 signed 2048-bit in order to do API calls to PayPal. " so I don't understand why it can't work.
  15. I have I am testing out my email and contact form - in the back office the test email goes through perfectly, but my contact form gives the following message: " An error occurred while sending the message, please try again. " Is there a setting I missed? I am running the not a robot reCaptcha mod, but it does not matter if I take it out or not.
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