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  1. Hi guys, I am currently trying to figure out how to achieve the following: In my store I got some products that have customization fields, in fact, text boxes. They are labeled "width" and "height" as these products need to be prepared (cut). Now: The product price should be calculated in base of these values using a multiplier. I've been checking some files but I can't figure out how to update the product price once these values (dimensions) are entered. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance, renesp
  2. Hi, first of all I'd like to thank you for this great theme. It's really awesome! I was just wondering if there is a way to get de PSD files? Thank you.
  3. Hola hakuso. Tengo el mismo problema ¿Podrías indicarme de dónde bajaste la última versión? Gracias.
  4. I tried a fresh installation of the latest version of Prestashop, 1.3.3, and the mod worked. I compared it with the previous version and saw that there were some slight differences. So I updated my current mod and everything works fine now! Thanks a lot shokinro for your help. Regards, renesp
  5. Hi, the PS_BASE_URI is set correctly on production and testing server. I think I'll get crazy with this problem... Next I will try doing a fresh installation of Prestashop to see what happens...
  6. I already tried that but it didn't work. I also tried to "hardcode" in the blockadvertising.php the image URL but "something" always puts the base_uri before the image URL. Wired!
  7. I just have seen something in my Apache access log: In my testing environment the site is at localhost/puentelec and this is what my log says: - - [04/Dec/2010:12:03:04 +0100] "GET /puentelec/localhost/puentelec/modules/blockadvertising/advertising_custom.jpg HTTP/1.1" 302 - As you can see, the URL is wrong as it should be "localhost/puentelec/modules/blockadvertising/advertising_custom.jpg". May I have to create a new rewrite rule for this module? Thank you very much for your help shokinro. I do really appreciate it.
  8. I just tried disabling friendly URLS, removed my .htacces, claered the smarty cache/compile and my browser cache and still not working. WTF?!?!
  9. Hi shokinro, I checked the file permission on the Linux server and they are OK. I also set 777 but no it didn´t work. On my Windows server file permissions are also right and I can´t get it working. ¿Maybe there is a rewrite problem with the SEO friendly URLS? The error log of my servers don´t tell me very much neither...
  10. Hi, tried that already. I changed the image from BO and directly through the file system but none of them worked. Also cleared the cache of smarty and of three different browers, still no success... I'm really stucked with this apparentely easy configuration. I had more complex problems solved earlier than this little one
  11. Hi folks, this is the first time I post in this forum... So I want to thank all the people contributing in this awesome project! Here is my prob: I have been tricking the blockadvertising for 2 hours now but still no success: I'm trying to insert a custom image with a custom link but I always get a question mark as image (see attachement). The image URL is/looks OK but no luck. I got the same problem on Windows and Linux servers and file permissions are OK too. I am using Prestashop with a custom Theme and friendly URLS. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
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