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  1. @SmartDataSoft Thanks for the answer. Updating and disabling some modules helped a lot.
  2. Is there anything to be gleaned from this? Load Time 8167 ms - You'd better run your shop on a toaster Querying Time 7485 ms Queries 2043 Memory Peak Usage 33.3 Mb Included Files 486 files - 7.11 Mb PrestaShop Cache - Mb Global vars 0.13 Mb PrestaShop Version PHP Version 7.1.33 (OK) MySQL Version 5.6.14 (OK) Memory Limit 1024M Max Execution Time 90s Smarty Cache enabled Smarty Compilation auto Time Cumulated Time Memory Usage Memory Peak Usage config 51 ms 51 ms 2.54 Mb 2.61 Mb __construct 5 ms 56 ms 0.08 Mb 2.62 Mb init 29 ms 85 ms 1.20 Mb 3.85 Mb checkAccess 0 ms 85 ms - Mb 3.85 Mb setMedia 28 ms 112 ms 0.57 Mb 4.86 Mb postProcess 0 ms 112 ms - Mb 4.86 Mb initHeader 69 ms 181 ms 0.59 Mb 5.32 Mb initContent 7523 ms 7705 ms 24.78 Mb 31.96 Mb initFooter 0 ms 7705 ms - Mb 31.96 Mb display 463 ms 8167 ms 2.98 Mb 33.30 Mb
  3. And we got this set up right? Just a reminder that we have two language versions (www.smatab.cz/cs and www.smatab.cz/sk).
  4. Hi, will this GDPR and Cookie setting opt-out be enough for Prestashop from January 2022? Thanks. https://www.termsfeed.com/cookie-consent/ or https://www.freeprivacypolicy.com/free-cookie-consent/
  5. Thx for the answer. Yes, we have CSS and JS compression enabled. Images are also optimized via tinypng. I think the hosting is pretty powerful. There are two languages on the website (en and sk). The /cs and /sk mutation slows it down the most, as you can see in the console. I can't think why?
  6. I have tried all the advice here and I still have the same problem.
  7. Hi, lately we have a very slow Prestashop. You can see it well on adding a product to the cart. Admnistration is fast. We have tried everything. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks. https://www.smatab.cz Prestashop PHP version: 7.1.33 Memory limit: 1024M Max Execution Time: 90 Max upload file size: 512M
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