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  1. try on a test server first and do a back up. you need to implement a function and call it everytime you check for access: 1)create another field in the mysql database, table ps_category_group: I called it gr_cat_red it is a decimal(10,2) this field would tell the system, the group category reduction (gr_cat_red) of each group and each category. in this field you will need to put the reduction discount i.e. 55.7% for cat 11, group 3 2) in classes/Category.php add this fuction: public function checkCategoryRed($id_customer,$id_category_default,$id_group) { if (!$id_customer) { $result = Db::getInstance()->getRow(' SELECT ctg.gr_cat_red AS reduction FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'category_group ctg WHERE ctg.id_category = '.$id_category_default.' AND ctg.id_group = 1') ; } else { $result = Db::getInstance()->getRow(' SELECT ctg.`gr_cat_red` AS reduction FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'category_group ctg INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'customer_group cg on cg.`id_customer` = '.$id_customer.' AND ctg.`id_group` = '.$id_group.' WHERE ctg.`id_category` = '.$id_category_default ); } return $result['reduction']; } call this fuction anytime you want to check for access.
  2. interesting idea, dont have a quick question to this, i am sure after some work it can be done.
  3. hi Aaron, been a long time since you have posted this thread, but have you managed to do a per category discount or per product discount for different groups? did you find any solution?
  4. Nice work, and good communication! thank you all. Just a little note, since you have started the good work, would anyone be able to get the add and remove stock to keep records (i.e. when you have new stock comes in to your warehouse, someone would need to update the quantities of the product, but you want that tracked with added quantity, date-time, employee.. that would make it a good inventory tab/
  5. Yes, the invoice means (outstanding to be paid) until it is stamped (flagged as invoice paid)... thanks for the solution wguser The only problem is when you have a huge list of products, the "Paid-thank you" moves to page 2 (sometimes you see a full page 1 invoice without paid, then the paid-thank you is on its own on the second page. any idea on how to make it as backgroud stamp.
  6. True, I had a look at your shop, they dont show for manufacturers, however you are not using the default theme! on mine, it shows it for manufacturers.
  7. JAVA, I believe that you have changed that default structure of your database as you described earlier... the question is, did you notice any improvements in ranking? are you getting better positions just because you changed it? I agree with Ion that there are many important factors, but SEO is about taking everything into account, the small and the big! so if it is something that helps, then you should do it,even if it just helps a little. But i need more feedback about this first.
  8. please close this thread is resolved as described in the signature below
  9. Please use this thread for UK taxes information
  10. id_product id_lang description description_short link_rewrite meta_description meta_keywords meta_title name available_now available_later all these fields are filled with information when i fill them from the back office. why are you saying they product_land is still empty? maybe there is something wrong in your case as in mine whenever i make a change in the back office to one of these fields, i can see the change from the phpmyadmin which is how it is supposed to be
  11. i agree, good that we understand one another on this topic. you can use it using phpmyadmin or you can do it from the back office product page one by one.
  12. it cannot be software problem since all the new installations that we do are working and sending emails. so it is got to be somethings specific to that hosting... it is very easy to through the ball over lol they always do
  13. yes i know what SEO is, i am sure a couple of other people have heard of it. ok, here what i will tell you... that module is for the lazy people that dont want to enter any information to the meta tags when they create the product. I do usually import using a spreadsheet, and i insert the same fields manually! but if you want, you can do that by purchasing a the module from prestastore or insert the data to the meta tags yourself... the result is the same!
  14. -I would recommend 1.2.4 for sure as many bugs were resolved there and new features. -however if you insist in using older version you can see all the previous releases here http://sourceforge.net/projects/prestashop/files/ -I am not sure what changes you are asking for, but if you mean release notes you can find them in the change.txt in the zip of the 1.2 version -To report prestashop bugs please user the bug tracker (you can see a link to it from the top menu of this page or: http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/
  15. good to know, we learn to follow the installation instructions then to the last word, as it clearly asks us to delete it and not to rename the install folder
  16. Moved Topic to the French forum *was in the English section*
  17. new msg is better than making a new field, at least you can upgrade in the future to new versions.
  18. what if you make a category and call it $0-$10 and make another called red and another called small and put the product in the 3 categories at the same time... that way you can list all of the above as categories and just add the product to the relevant categories.
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