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  1. I think I found the asnwer to my problem. Indeed, changing the original file in the PS main folder does not do anything. So if I understand well and to be sure that I am not gonna mess with the shop, I follow the procedure as : IN MY THEME FOLDER : Create a folder modules Create another folder blockcms with the original file blockcms.tpl inside. Edit the blockcms.tpl according to my needs Upload everything to the server Is it a safe operation ? Do I need to modify anything else or does the new mytheme/modules/blockcms/blockcms.tpl overrides alone ? Do I need to upload the all blockcms files or just the blockcms.tpl ? Thank you for your answer. I don't dare to do it without reconfirmation first :-S [EDIT] WELL IT IS SOLVED. I copied the all blockcms folder. And modified my performances. It works ! Cheers, Hi, when I do that all the footer with the links, disappears. Also impossible to do anything from the footer.tpl Wel, no way to do anything with the footer with prestashop stable > Any suggestions? Thanks. This was the solution: conect to your ftp server tools/smarty/compile and empty the folder compile Regards. I have smarty_v2. Is it ok to delete all files in compile folder? (exept index.php i supose)
  2. Akolouthisa ola ta vimata kai ekana update to prestashop se 1.4.17. I anavathmisi itan kali. Mono pou stin arxiki selida (mkhairsalon.com) alla kai stis ipoloipes, apousiazi to footer me tin ploigisi. iparxi kapios tropos na to diorthwsw?
  3. O pelatis ekane copy keimeno kai antegrapse mazi html code.... to ekane paste sti perigrafi 2 proiontwn kai ta ekane mandara..... se efxaristw akoma mia fora gia ti voithia s...
  4. Entopisa to provlima... Efxaristw file m gia tin amesi antapokrisi kai voithia sou
  5. ta proionta moy se afti ti selida emfanizontai mia xara (http://mkhairsalon.com/e-shop/category.php?id_category=15) Sti defteri selida parousiazontai anorthodoxa (http://mkhairsalon.com/e-shop/category.php?id_category=15&p=2). stis epomenes selides ta proionta emfanizontai kanonika. pos mboro na diorthoso afti ti selida? sas efxaristw ek twn proterwn
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