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  1. Manually clicking on the Update button is now part of my daily early morning routine. I really ought to find time to nail this properly I'm sure there is a very simple automated resolution. Will get back when I sort it.
  2. Changing theme tends to screw up a lot of modules - typical to prestashop's anti-pattern. I solved the problem by clicking the email alert module's reset button. This re-registered a load of hooks that had become de-registered probably due to a theme change.
  3. Seems we've been fooled by that one - I left my exchange rates left unupdated for months thinking it was being updated automatically until I read this thread and checked just now.
  4. I have two presta sites and this problem started occuring on one of them for no clear reason. Test email and all other email works perfectly, but email notifying merchant of a sale fails and is not registered in the sent email list. If test email to the merchant works then why does it fail for a sale notification? It looks like a failure in the notifications module rather than the email system.
  5. I wasted a whole day trying to solve this for It's another Pestashop fail.
  6. its the same mess. On one of my ps sites I'm trying to edit the default language of a child of the classic theme but in order to do so I need to copy the language from the classic theme to the child theme but no language files reside within the classic theme - i get this stupid error message:
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