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  1. @El Patron Assisted me with my Issue, He Saved the info from the payment modules already installed, reset them from the module page and re-filled the fields. The hooks to the payment module were not configured properly, So @El Patron corrected that under Design - Positions.
  2. Hello All, Your assitance would be greatly appreciated. I Used to have no problems with payment and checking out, until a few days back i tried installing a custom payment module i created.....It displayed once on Order page, the payment step, and after choosing it, i had an error page show up. But it only worked once, ever since then i've had this show whenever i try to initiate payment. I've done all i can, visited the forum searching for similar problems, enabled debug mode, cleared cache, uninstalled the custom payment module, uninstalled the payment module which used to work, Reinstalled cash on delivery (the payment module which used to work), checked country restrictions under payment preferences, locations under international, configuration under international - localizations, currency under international..... Nothing seems to work, I have no idea why. Is it possible me adding the new payment module messed up the previous modules and the whole payment system? And how can i resolve it please. If you need anymore details, i would be happy to provide
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