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  1. If you do get it working can you post how you did it? So everyone knows.
  2. Will this work for 1.1 or is it only compatible with 1.0? If it works with 1.1 is there a better explanation with steps for the installation of this code?
  3. Hopefully he won't take too much longer. Any idea when he will be finished?
  4. Hi, Is it possible to make a module similar to the specials module or similar to the new products module, which displays random products out of a folder on the right or left hand side of the website, instead of showing specials like the specials module does. These products will not be specials but are items which I would like to randomly display to the customer.
  5. Is this for version 1.1 or for 1.0? EDIT: Does this work for English?
  6. Hi, What is the reason for having 777 permission as it is less secure? It gives customers on my website the ability to hack it and place viruses, or alter and affect my whole website. It hasn't happened to me yet, but it does concern me terribly.
  7. I understand why you need it. I have the same problem, I wish someone would be kind enough to make one.
  8. if we do need to update the plugin we need to notify the customer about this and make it very simple for them to do so. is this possible?
  9. I fixed my problem after carefully examining the code and trialing alterations...it was quite simple. However I now have a different problem. I have been trialing a few computers i have with the website and I have found one of my computers (using internet explorer) shows a beautiful white rectangle rather than the Carousel. Is this because the computer may not have flash? If it is why does it not say "You require flash to run this flash object, please download it here." Any help will be greatly appreciate, as i can not expect my customers to be using firefox, or have flash installled.
  10. I have gotten the carousel working. Looks great by the way. I have one small tiny problem. When the price is displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD) it is displayed as: 1.00 $ Instead of: $1.00 Is there any way to fix this small tiny problem? EDIT: Solution line 111 of file "urunxml.php" looks like the following: $products[$i][price]." ".$sign."]]> by changing it to look like: $sign." ".$products[$i][price]."]]> it makes the Australian or other currencies look like $1.00 instead of 1.00 $
  11. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has created an addition to the website to allow for a button to show called "Backorder" instead of an add to cart button, when the stock is set to 0 and purchasing is still allowed. Also I am wondering if anyone has created an addition to the website to allow for a button to show called "Preorder" for any products which are currently not available yet, but can be ordered now in advance (0 stock as well). The Backorder and Preorder settings should allow for the showing of Backorder or Preorder on the product in the receipt/invoice shown/given to the customer, possibly changed when product becomes available or sent to customer. Many thanks in advance. Travis
  12. I too am interested in any information on adding a Auspost shipping calculator to my website. This would allow me to charge lower rates to customers, making the customers happy. Rather then having to provide a buffer to the shipping rate, just so i don't get burnt on shipping. Prestashop is great, its future will definely be very bright! Please let me know about any progress in the creation of a real-time shipping cost calculator with Auspost for Prestashop.
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