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  1. Great as long as customer is forced to give their details such as address, phone, email and name if postage is required. By default registering for account does this and saves the customer re-entering this for every order they make.
  2. Something like google advertisements but for your website on other peoples websites, myspace or other webpages?
  3. How can we get this carousel to show on the top of every page, just below the logo.
  4. This needs to be changed so we can do it through the admin panel.
  5. It needs to be created with the ability to select options, from an unlimited amount of categories. I hope someone will created it.
  6. I'm pretty sure, but my knowledge is not extensive enough for that. Sorry. But I want it to!
  7. Oh I think I understand now. You want the customer to select what they wish to have in their computer (from categories like Ram, Hard Drive, Monitor, Graphics Card) and its calculates the price and the user buys it. Definitely needed. Someone create a module please!
  8. Oh so you want to be able to select a product from a specific category by using a dropdown list, for each category.
  9. Yes I know there is a module for a countdown timer for the specials module (shown on the right or left of your PrestaShop website) at http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/5801/modules/solved_countdown_timer_for_special_prices_current_v0_dot_8_dot_1 I am however asking if anyone has created an addition to add to Prestashop to display a timer on the specials whilst on product view of that product, and also on each product on special in the list of specials. On the list of specials it would be nice to show the crossed out, old price on each product. Has anyone created this?
  10. Could you please re explain yourself, maybe with a diagram. Where on PrestaShop is this for? Why do you need this?
  11. I couldn't get this to work on version 1.1 is it just me or does it not work on it? EDIT: If its just me ill try again
  12. Very nice idea, and extremely useful, it is definitely needed. The "Additional Question" button could be put above the "Send" button. It should allow for multiple extra questions and there should be a "Remove Question" button for any added questions.
  13. Been looking at it and thinking, maybe instead of wizzing back to the start when it reaches the end, it has a never ending loop so when it gets to the the end it continues flicking (changing product) in the same direction (no wizzing right back to where it began), instead the next product is the first product again. Saves the customer the headache as they watch it wizz back to the start. Sorry for my bad explanation. I hope someone understands.
  14. Fantastic fix, very happy. Will tell if I find anymore issues. But i like it so far. So much better then the other carousel offered. Many Thanks
  15. Good, but it shows products which are currently disabled. EDIT: Also duplicates same item sometimes, even next to each other.
  16. It would be great if the carousel say had 10 products shown at a time however there was say 30 products which are set to home and the carousel randomly selected and showed different products every time the page was refreshed or reopened.
  17. Showing random products would be great. Also it would be nice if instead of a loop (round circle) which really is a carousel, maybe have it so it goes straight across the screen from left to right or right to left. Similar to what http://www.donedirtcheap.com.au/ have at top of their website.
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