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  1. Did you install it? Did you set it to display products?
  2. I did once get it to upload a picture so and since others say its working fine, i think it should be atm, if i run into further troubles ill say so.
  3. Updated file on first post.
  4. I can see the TinyMCE with the addition of hieloiceberg's update now as it was fixed earlier, however I am still having a little trouble with the addition of files, however hieloiceberg said you get an error but when you add the first file it seems to work. Can someone else test this please, and give their view on if it works well or not.
  5. Fantastic idea, can't wait for someone to make it.
  6. It would help by displaying the products, however it does not answer the problem of the customer being able to purchase the products prior to a release date, with specific postage higher enough to fulfill, the delivery of the preorder items purchased for their own release dates. These release dates should be the "expected release date" as these dates may change without notice.
  7. Nope not at all. I think someone other then us should test it and tell us what has happened for them. I am concerned that its just me, but I did what I was suppose to.
  8. Still not working, I am using the same server I used for the original update I made. I even did fresh install of PrestaShop again and tested. My update installed first then yours, no luck. Must be me since you got it to work. lol.
  9. It did vanish, i copied it over my update. I am trying again now.
  10. I tried your update, didn't work for me, it seemed to stop the whole TinyMCE from working on my test server. I will try again though. The original update still works, just when you add yours it seems not to.
  11. I am running an online business which contains preorders. Preorders are the ordering of products prior to the release date. The problem I have is if the customer was to order a preorder product and a product that is not a preorder product, the freight is calculated with them together. However if the preorder item didn't come out for weeks I would have to send out the non preorder item immediatly. This may cause me to lose money on the freight as it would not be calculated for 2 seperate shipments. However this would also be affected if the customer was to order 2 preorder items which could be coming out at the same time or near the same time and also ordering a non preorder product. The non preorder product is shipped by it self and the other 2 preorders would be shipped together so it would be 2 freight rates, which may be different, but not 2 rates. Also when the release date of the product occurs it should no longer be preorder, or maybe about 3 to 5 days before. I am unsure how to place such a system on the PrestaShop website. Also a button saying "Pre-order Now!" on preorder items instead of "add to cart" might be appropriate. Any suggestions on how to do such a thing.
  12. Nice Colour! Is there a choice of the square or round borders on products, or are they automatically chosen?
  13. Anyone found a problem, or like the update?
  14. Nothing major that I can see, the main problem is look of it in the product section, as it seems to go outside the border there, on mine. As seem in an above picture. However that does not affect its operation. it didn't take too long for me to make this update, which I thought was surprising lol.
  15. Updated to hopefully solve spell check problem.
  16. See my TinyMCE update, if you want at http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/11087
  17. Hi, With help from others an update for TinyMCE is available below, it uses the latest TinyMCE with all plugins. This update deals with the TinyMCE on the Products page, Home Text Editor page and CMS pages. Latest version below. Many thanks to all who have helped so far to make this great update. As said by fistou other language files are available at http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/download_i18n.php TinyMCE_update_repackV0.2.zip
  18. I think I have gotten the full version of TinyMCE to work on the CMS part of PrestaShop
  19. I just looked up TinyMCE there seems to be a more advanced version similar to FCKEditor.
  20. I would like to as well. Is this simple to do?
  21. MTOR said previously to edit "Edit the css file located in the modules/homecarousel/jcarousel/skins/tango/skins.css file" for this problem
  22. Not possible in current version I am adding this to the todo list. That's ok.
  23. http://www.edeliver.com.au Is a website from auspost which is about having a calculator for auspost on your website, by connecting to auspost. However it is not designed for PrestaShop it is just the official auspost website for this service.
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