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  1. It seems everyone has a different experiences with this module.
  2. I am very interested, I will be keeping an eye on this thread.
  3. I still do not understand why every link changes to HTTPS after I visit a HTTPS page. EDIT: also my SSL is located at "www.mydomain.com" instead of "mydomain.com" It seems when people type "mydomain.com" into the address bar, to enter my website, they do not get my SSL Certificate. How do I fix these problems?
  4. Hi, In Australia we have G, PG, M, MA15+, R18+ and X18+ on movies and games. How would I put an image of the rating in on each product so that the user knows the rating? Images of my ideas are shown below. I believe we should be able to add more ratings if applicable. I have no idea how to program it, however I wish I was able to. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I have an SSL Certificate and it is turned on in the back office. When I click on "My Account" in the front office, it asks me to log in or create an account which is normal, however every single link on the page to every part of the site begins with https, is that normal? or should only some have https while in the My Account section, without being logged in?
  6. Oh so your selling different peoples goods, 1 person per shop.
  7. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it? I really need people to be able to order these items without me having freight issues.
  8. Maybe they want to sell goods from various suppliers using drop shipping from those suppliers?
  9. Any information on how to do it, or modules already made for this or anything?
  10. You want me to upload the previous version again?
  11. How would one go about making such a module Would only need a few things: Type of Product OR Product Category Name of Product Further Description (if its required) Customers email address
  12. Is there such things as a product request module, which allows the customer to enter in the product they wish to buy, but do not have on your website, with their email and we (the shop owner) checks the suppliers to see if we can get it in and email the customer back. Not the contact us module, just something on the side of every page for this purpose.
  13. Edit the css file located in modules/homecarousel/jcarousel/skins/tango/skins.css May fix the problem.
  14. I am sorry but i don't, i was hoping it was something simple to help you quickly. Ive never seen that problem before. Just looked at your website, maybe it doesn't work with v1.0, cause i think your running v1.0
  15. I am sorry but i don't, i was hoping it was something simple to help you quickly. Ive never seen that problem before.
  16. Hows you wonderful, and very helpful work going?
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