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  1. Hi, I have 25 new product pages when there really should be 3. Its like the page numbers are being calculated as being the total products on PrestaShop, not the total new products. If you click any page number after page 3 it says "No new products.". It is good it says "No new products." but isn't it confusing to the customer to see 25 pages, when there are really 3? Any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated. (version 1.1 final)
  2. Any help please. I think its confusing to customers to think there are 6 pages of specials when there are really 2. Maybe a few lines of code which fix the problem, anyone?
  3. Its more comforting when I am not the only one with this problem.
  4. For some reason I have 6 pages of specials and when I click page 6 there is nothing. There are really only 2 pages of specials. Is this because the details of previous specials? i.e. special from and to dates, now passed are still in some products. If that is so why base page numbers on specials which no longer exist? (PrestaShop version 1.1 final)
  5. An extra addition of extra postage for the Preorder stock incase they are posted after the other goods purchased are. This cost is only used when a non preorder item is also purchased. This cost should be set on a per an item basis or a standard fee if any amount of preorders are purchased (depends on situation). The Shopowner should be able to set a global cost for preorder items and an individual cost for some items which may require a higher cost, or lower cost. A notification date of release for the preorders should be shown. If the purchase is made within a specified time of the release date, say one week maybe, the product should NOT be penalised with preorder postage fee, as it will go with the other products as normal. Anyone making something like this??? Its needed...
  6. I think the email would be enough as I would see it immediately. I have it set up to automatically to check for new emails every minute.
  7. It is not a module for the module section of the website. The files overwride the corresponding files in the website.
  8. I also get errors which i forgot to mention I told google the location of my sitemap, they downloaded it and... They say i have errors. The error is HTTP ERROR 302 (Moved Temporarily) They have a list of links with the problem such as: www.prestashoplocation.com/93-alfred-hitchcock-rope-dvd.html&id_lang=1 (replaced website address with prestashoplocation) but when you click the link you get www.93-alfred-hitchcock-rope-dvd.html/ That is definely not my website.
  9. prestashoplocation/sitemap.xml is the correct directory
  10. Also another idea, the ability to set promotions, which contains an advertisement. A promotion is a special on one or more items, usually to the same or similar price, or sometimes the same types of items, advertisements are included. There would be a link to the promotions. This could be a change to the specials page. Just another idea, thought it better to keep it in this post, then to create a new one. The promotions could be a $9.95 specials, $14.95 special, $19.95 specials, which could be selected and list only those items belonging to the selected promotion on a page. The promotion name should be able to be chosen by the administrator of the website and also the advertisements should be dynamic (created by the website) or uploaded by the user.
  11. Hi, Is there a module which shows the specials which will be available soon based on the date they become available. A calendar is used to select the day or month to show the specials which are coming soon (current specials may also be shown). I have no idea how to make this module, just wondering if its available.
  12. Interesting idea... maybe it would list all of the changes under headings: Price Change, New Product, New Special, Coming soon specials. It might require a click on the website, great idea though.
  13. I still am in need of help on this issue. Searching "required" did not solve my immediate problems. Issues in first post.
  14. would love to know this as well, ill be keeping a close eye on this thread.
  15. Just a quick question, how do we get the timer to display time left on each product with a special whilst they are in list view and also in the product view. I am asking this because as far as I am aware the customer only know how much time is left by looking at the hot specials box, which only shows one product at a time. By continuously letting the customer know how much time is left, they may be enticed to purchase quickly before the special is over.
  16. Hi, How do i make birthday a required field, and also display a * next to the field showing its compulsory. Also how do I set it up so that some products has age restrictions. Such as a MA15+ rated item which has to be only sold to 15yrs or older people or an R18+ for only 18yrs or older. The product should still be shown to the customer, just the add to cart button should be disabled for products they are not old enough to buy. Also if the customer has added products to the cart prior to logging in, it should take out products they are not old enough for, and also notify the customer of such a change. Please note that some ratings can be purchased by anyone, eg. G, PG, M15+. Only MA15+, R18+ and X18+ are restricted. Also is it possible to have a field which displays a set image out of a selection above the more info section or below the product picture. This is to be used to display the rating of the product to the user. Also is it possible to do such a thing in the categories where the products are listed so that the customers can see the rating prior to opening the product.
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