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  1. The problem is with the cookies and cache. Because my BO is set to Romanian it doesn't clear cookies and cache because I don't have the translations. I need to switch between romanian and english everytime
  2. I am trying to locate and translate some parameters for BO since Debug is telling me that they are missing. Can anyone tell me how to add them? I get this following message in Debug ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 Never recompile template files Never recompile template files ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 Recompile templates if the files have been updated Recompile templates if the files have been updated ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 Force compilation Force compilation ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 File System File System ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 MySQL MySQL ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 Never clear cache files Never clear cache files ro-RO AdminAdvparametersFeature 1 Clear cache everytime something has been modified Clear cache everytime something has been modified Because of this every time I add a new product clients and myself included cannot click or scroll on the product photos. Because I can't seem to find a way to translate this I can't use the performance options for file recompilation, cache and force compilation, etc. Somehow this menu is a mix between Romanian an English as attached in the 3rd photo Is there a way to fix it and translate it to Romanian or should I just move to another platform? Thanks in advance!
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