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  1. Hi there, It's a problem that happen randomly... When a customer want to pay there are 3 way he can do it on our website. 1- PayPal 2- Cash on delivery 3- Straight Credit Card. Either way the customer choose for the payment, nothing works. When we click at the "commande avec obligation de paiement" the gray box change color from dark gray to soft gray and nothing happen. They are not redirect on PayPal and if it's Cash on Delivery we are staying on the same page with no further option. Anyone had this problem? What will be the solution? Thanks, Charles.
  2. Hi there, My Prestashop version is I'm in Quebec City Canada and I would like to change the taxes rate when the customer is in another country or states. Exemple: When you order a product and you pick it up in Quebec your taxes is 15%. When you order in Ontario or in Vancouver and you receive it by shipping I would like to charge only the GST (5%). So dependly on the country/states/provinces where you stay and want your products ship the taxes rate would automatically change . Someone can help me with this, I don't know where or what to do to make it happen!! Thanks a lot, Charles.
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