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  1. Thanks for the hint, but I have decided to override the getPackageShippingCost method in Cart.php for now. Maybe later if we have enough time for that we will make something more accurate and consistent with the PrestaShop logic. Thanks again.
  2. No, not exactly. It depends how much is the amount of the item 1 and item 2 before the tax. If the amount of item 1 before VAT is 10 and the amount of item 2 before VAT is 100, then the VAT for the shipping would be (( 7.7% * 10 + 3.8% *100) - (10 + 100))/(10 +100) ~ 4.15% (if I didn't make any mistake in my calculs) . The function getAverageProductsTaxRate in Cart.php does the same calculation, I think.
  3. Hi, In Switzerland they apply to the shipping cost the average VAT of all the products in the order. Is it possible to configure PrestaShop carriers/taxes in some way to achieve this, or I have to write some hooks/overrides/modules? Thanks in advance.
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