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  1. in /pdf/ folder edit all tpl files.... remove transalations syntac use only english text. example if u found {l s='text' d='trans-location'} make it to -> text thrive
  2. for pestashop version 1.7 new arabic translation contact me at https://thrive.qa . we have implemented in one of our project https://www.sway.qa
  3. Prestashop ecommerce website has built in translation engine which enable us to translate each and every string from backend. Few Form fields are not having those feature, for example - State Name, Carrier Name, etc., I dont know the reason why still(1.7.5) not has the update to fix this. As a i am developing ecommercer website for Arab country, i am forcefull to have bi-lingual website, which is English and Arabic. Any solution i can get for this issue ??? To Enable translation feature to "State Name" field.
  4. i got and fixed my issue... simply by enabling Debugging Mode. and check all error line by line. and fix it. best practice is which ever file having issue, just replace with the original files from prestashop recent version.
  5. in version 1.7.5 also still not enabled that feature. is there any solution for this ?
  6. Hi Fatheeym, same question from my side also. Searched all links from google.. no luck. Need solutions... kindly please share if you got any idea on this.
  7. Same here... i am using RTL Arabic version and English. Checkout and order confrmation page is perfectly working in english. but if a language Arabic with RTL Enabled then, at order confrmation page getting error - some validation issue seems. i tried all available COD modules... no use. Advance thanks i anyone provide solution....
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