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  1. Hello, I hope this is the right place for askng this type of question. I had several products that were on sale for a while, after removing the "special price" option in "product-->prices" section, the amout of discount that shows on a product has dissapeared, but the banner on top saying "sales" or "discount" is still showing. Attached is a screenshot of a product where the special price option was removed but the banner is still showing.
  2. Well, i didn't exactly fix it. I still dont get an email when a customer fills out a contact form and sends an inqury. I just track the inqury inside prestashop dashboard under Customer service
  3. Mods you can close the topic, i resolved my issue
  4. I fixed part of the issue. It seems i didnt receive any emails because there was no Email template for my language.... Now only the contact form does not work. No messages are coming to my email adress and i also cant see them inside the dashboard.
  5. As the title says, I'm having issues with e-mails. When a customer submits a new order , or tries to contact me via contact form,the form says the message was sent succesfully but I dont receive any emails. I tried making a test order , and the order confirmation mail goes through to customer with no problem, but admin does not receive a "New order" mail. The test email under "email options" goes through normally tho,and the SMTP is set up correctly so i guess its not an issue with the hosting provider? I am using WMD. I have my email set as super admin under employees, mail alerts is set up to send the email to correct adress, under contact settings both customer support and webmaster are set to my email and I still dont receive any messages from contact form. The emails were working fine a few days ago, and I dont think i changed or updated anything in that time period so I'm not sure what could be the problem. Any tips are appreciated. PrestaShop version Mail alerts module v3.7.0.
  6. Hi, Is there a way to remove company and tax number field from customer registration form withouth removing them from adresses form? The idea is, the customer needs to enter company and tax number only if he gets to add adress part on checkout page, not before, since it is unnecessary. Also, i may have done something wrong inside one of the files because on "Customer registration" form, fields Compay and tax number are set as required fields but next to the field it says it is not mandatory. Beacuse of that, if you dont enter company and tax number i get 5 error page. I pressume i first need to remove them as mandatory fields and then delete them? Or can i just delete the 2 fields inside the .tpl file , Thanks
  7. Hi, is there a way to set required fields for the "New customer registration" similar as to how you can set required fields on checkout adress page inside BO of prestashop. I know i can alter files directly in code but I'd rather not do that if there is an option for it in the BO of prestashop. I need the company and identification number to be required as im using prestashop for B2B. Thanks
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