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  1. yes it doesn't work. I checked all the info. I also have uploaded the screenshot of the settings.
  2. The jersey that is in the cart is not in the same category of the shorts. Are in two different categories. Shorts is the product not the category. The coupon is a discount code not a discount on a category.
  3. Hello the problem is that the coupon code should work only for the shorts but the system applied the discount on the sale product too. Did you read the post? Thank you
  4. Hello I'm having a bug with a coupon code. I have created a coupon code of 30% that should works only for item on regular price and on a selected items I have selected the option "Exclude discounted products". 3 scenarios 1) If the customer buy just a discounted product the code doesn't work 2) if the customer buy a product on regular price and a product that is not in the selected items list the code will work only for the product the is on regular price. 3) if the customer buy a products on regular price and a discounted product the code will work for both. I will attach the screenshot of the setting and the cart. Please let me know if you need more info. Thank you in advance for the help.
  5. Hi Did someone fix this issue? Thank you in advance
  6. Hi I would like to know if someone could help me to disable the option to use multiple discount code at checkout step. I'm having a lot of problem with the customers because fo this. Do you guys know how can I disable this? Thank you for your help.
  7. Salve sapreste gentilmente dirmi come risolvere il problema delle spese di spedizione gratuite per ordini superiori a 100$ tasse escluse? GRazie mille in anticipo.
  8. Quale dei due metodi consigli meno invasivo e che non rallenti il tutto?
  9. Salve, sto avendo un problema sul mio ecommerce perché ci sta un utente che sta create centinaia di account con mail differenti ma sempre lo stesso nome. Come posso bloccare questo? Sta sfruttando qualche vulnerabilità? Attendo vostre Grazie
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