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  1. I need a module (or admin tab) to manage my shop's thousands of customers. This function is sadly missing in Prestashop, making the whole (otherwise cool) Groups functionality useless to me. I want to be able to offer special products and special payment methods only to our long-term customers. I can do this if I add customers to a Group one by one, but I want to be able to add them in bulk - we have thousands of customers, so one by one is infeasible. Logic would be simple: Step 1) Generate a list of customers based on (a)the total number of successfully placed orders, or (b)the total value of those completed orders, or ( c )their join date. There could easily be other search criteria, obviously, but these are the only three criteria I require. For example: I want to list all customers who have completed at least 3 orders AND have been a customer for at least 4 months. Or another example: list all customers who have spent at least 500 € in the shop. Step 2) Now add or subtract the customers in that list to any specified Group. That's it. I'm an untrained PHP hacker and I know step 2 is a cinch, and sorting customers by date joined is equally as easy. The only tricky part will be generating a list of customers based on purchase amounts. Very easy SQL for sure, but it would require more knowledge of the PS tables and logic than I have at my disposal. Regardless, I will pay $$$ (or €€€) for this function. Please contact me by PM. BTW, is there a better place to put this request? Thanks!
  2. The Prestastore has this feature! It works very nicely!! So why the heck didn't the developer put that code up on prestastore then? I'd even pay some Euros for it (hint!)
  3. Well, actually, no. For most items there was no discount offered. Further, I have checked the box in the module config : "Allow Discounts". So am I missing a config setting elsewhere? Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? Any help to resolve this issue would be much appreciated!
  4. For some reason, most of my customers are seeing "Unavailable on discounts" when they look up the Loyalty Program points status on their profile. Maybe 90% of all shipped orders I've looked at have the "Unavailable on discounts" message, yet, I can find no reason for that, as there were usually no discounts offered, and anyway, it's supposed to be configured to assign points even with a discount. The other 10% or so of orders are assigned points as expected. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why this happens. Can anyone suggest why this happens? And is there a fix so that my customers can get all their points?
  5. I recently added and correctly configured an SSL cert for my PS v1.1 shop. I require my website to be viewable either entirely as non-SSL, or entirely as SSL, at the choice of the customer. I would have thought it would be as simple as linking to either http: or https: , but in fact it fails miserably. I can call up my shop homepage under https:// and it loads fine. But links from the different modules on the home page are mixed, some of them link to http:// and some of them link to https://. Why?? Is that fixable? Adding items to the cart under SSL also causes "token" errors, and mixed content warning popups. Indeed, after a while I gave up on the idea of optional SSL/non-SSL and instead tried forcing the website to be SSL only, using some .htaccess tricks, and even that seems impossible, as some portions of the website seem to insist on loading as non-SSL and will fail (or infinitely redirect in a loop) if they cant. Can anyone offer advice how to make the site entirely SSL?
  6. Congrats! Can you maybe give us a little description about it's functionality, such as does it tie into a payment API? Screenshots?
  7. Not only that, but the prestashop exchange rates xml file has not been updated in 6 months ! If you use the updater your prices will be totally, and I mean TOTALLY, out of whack. Don't use it! Check out this patch instead: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/6938/installation_configuration___upgrade/european_central_bank_currency_update_feature_is_here_
  8. This seems like a really good feature. Amazon.com does that to up-sell with related items. I also want to offer discounts if customers buy a pre-defined package of items, but I have yet to figure out how to do it other than to create a new product called "Combo xxxx" and re-enter all the products.
  9. This sounds great! Will try it now... EDIT: It works, but after the order status is changed to Shipped the tracking # can no longer be edited. I would recommend this fix instead: if ($carrier->url AND ($currentState->id == _PS_OS_PREPARATION_ || $currentState->id == _PS_OS_SHIPPING_)) This code will allow editing of the tracking # before shipping AND after shipping. Can someone make sure that a fix gets patched into the SVN codebase?? I don't want this to break next time I upgrade, because I'm sure I'll forget how I fixed it by then.
  10. I don't think there is a simple solution to this, because you would have to create a new sort order column on the database and patch it into the UI. Well, by "simple" I mean for the end user. I think some developer will have to take this on. But I 100% agree, this issue needs to be addressed because a list of months or values in the wrong order looks quite bad and gives a negative impression to the customer about the professionalism of the merchant.
  11. Thanks Paul for looking into this! I'm sad to learn it's not immediately fixable if it's a core bug. Would it possible to patch/hack this module to work-around the rounding error? Personally I can live with that, at least since I have no alternate, well, other than my dealing with my customers constantly generating errors and thinking they've paid too much or too little. BTW, in desperation I tried to install your PP2.0b2 on my live site and after activating it failed to show up on the front office. So I had to go back to PP1.4.
  12. Hate to tell you this, but I just tried it and it didn't make any difference. :gulp:
  13. It's good to know you acknowledge that this needs to be done. I hope it can be prioritized as it will make a big difference as far as how PrestaShop is accepted for use in the rest of the world. So how about Togo and Ivory Coast?? Are they really in the top 30? I had no idea... Anyhow, I strongly disagree with your position about too many countries being awful. How so?? Please explain. Look, if I'm running a local shop using PrestaShop, and I don't want those 200+ extra countries, it's pretty easy to one-time click the checkbox next to the country and disable/delete it from the system. Versus, if I am running a global web shop and might get orders from anywhere, do I really have to find a list of all countries and states and input them all myself?? Every week I get messages from customers saying they can't make a purchase from me because their country is not in my system (Taiwan, Latvia, Romania, Mexico....). How can I possibly anticipate that I will be getting customers from these places? This gives the first impression to the customer of poor customer service. So I have to write back to them and apologize and then update the countries list so that they can make a purchase. I wonder how many people just run away and don't even write to me, thinking that I don't ship to their country?? Seriously... why can't someone just make this list and ship it with PrestaShop? Why not borrow a country list from another OS project? And if you think people are really gonna grumble about the long country list, you could even make it an install option: Please select the countries you want to support in your shop (Default: All). For starters, a simple export as I described earlier would be just fine for me for v1.2. Thanks Damien for your attention, and I want to let you know you can count on me, albeit as a non-developer, to contribute as much effort as I can to the project !!
  14. The functionality to add a custom logo is from the PayPal side. Login to Paypal and click on "Profile". From the next page click on "Custom Payment Pages" and follow the steps.
  15. Yes, I suppose I could, there's only 200 missing countries and maybe a thousand or so states.... And I suppose the next guy could do the exact same thing too. And heck, we ALL should just add them all ourselves. See my point? This should be done ONCE, before PrestaShop is even shipped, so that every single user of PrestaShop doesn't have to do that. I would if I could. As I stated, I'm not a developer, I'm a day-to-day user just like yourself. I have hacked bits and pieces of PrestaShop to custom fit my needs, but I don't actually know php. Attempting to build a module from scratch is simply not an option for me. I agree with you, an Order Editor would be VERY nice. As would be an option to change payment method after it has already been selected. Half the orders in my site are orphans resulting from customers changing their payment method.
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