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  1. Hello, we have a Prestashop instance on a2hosting shared webhosting. The provider does not allow sending out emails via external SMTP servers. We would like to send Prestashop emails via Mandrill REST API (transactions, registrations...). I have found this module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/newsletter-sms/26887-mandrill-connector-transactional-email-from-mailchimp.html The developer has not replied that but from the screenshots it looks that instead of using REST API, it uses the SMTP to send emails. Has anyone tried to achieve the same? To send all the email via mandrill rest API? Would this be doable by creating a module or rewriting the core Mail::send() method? Any suggestions? Thank you, Richard
  2. I am unable to delete the question as I have found that I messed up... So instead: If you want to have a reverse proxy server, so that you access https://shop.domain.com and load https://localhost:4433, you can use Fiddler as a reverse proxy. Hosts in fiddler: localhost:88 shop.domain.com:80 localhost:4433 shop.domain.com:443
  3. Hello, Is there a way that I could load the Prestashop application or framework and use it's libraries and classes from CLI? I am trying to create scripts for cloning instances and it would be great to be able to clear the cache, change the admin password or re-create the SEO URL cache by PHP script running from CLI. Perhaps having something like CLI presenter would do it...? Any suggestions? Thanks, Richard
  4. Hello, I am new to Prestashop. Is there anyone here who uses development and production instance? How to do the development on dev instance and merge changes to the production and not breaking things up? I was hopping to use git to deploy and merge the development source code with the production. But then how to update the production database with the changes in dev? Can you separate the business transaction data from application settings and do selective imports/exports? Thank you, Richard
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