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  1. Well, I actually put back a backup because all products were vanished as well. But now I still can't update the Prestahop version to 1.7.5. Error: Error 429 Too Many Requests. I used the 1 click upgrade module
  2. Hi, I've manually updated Prestashop from 1.7.4 to 1.7.5. This was all succesful, but now I am unable to see my front end website. Any idea what may be the problem? I've cleared the cache in the website, I've deleted cookies/cache from my browser. I've forced refreshed the page. Still nothing. It gave the error of: redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  3. I've been looking around everywhere but I am unable to edit the sentence "go to cart page" in the tiny menu. See image. I've looked in all possible setting in the Translation area, this sentence isn't found anywhere. I also don't want to change it in the root since I'm using 2 languages for the website. Any idea where I can find this block to translate? This is the url of the shop: https://www.teqyard.nl/
  4. See attachment. Combinations are not working when the product is a combination... When I re-upload the images in a combination product all images are shown. When I add combination images to the particular colour then only one colour is shown. Example product page here. Then the other problem is that I am unable to pick the other colour combination. Edit. I've figured out the error. The module FME pretty url prevents the combination images from displaying correctly....
  5. I have uploaded all sorts of images per product, but only the main picture is shown. Any idea what may be the problem? I've tried to remove and recreate the htaccess file, empty the cache, turn off and turn on the friendly url. Editing the ssl url also doesn't work. Regenerating product images turns into a 504 Gateway time-out error.
  6. I'm trying to look into editing files so the product page and product list pages show both including and excluding VAT prices. So the regular price including taxes and then below or next to this one a price without tax. I've seen some manuals but they are all for 1.6 or older versions. I'm using 1.7. Anyone know how this can be achieved without the use of an extra plugin/module?
  7. Has anyone figured out the solution to displaying both the price including and excluding taxes?
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