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  1. Hi I would like to add a second line here between the product name and the price in all the views (category, homepage). Currently my products actual full names are much longer than what is shown. How can I make the product name and prize area bigger so all the product full name is shown on two lines? Example is attached.
  2. Hello I hope I can find help in this forum. The product names in category page view are currently in one line and because of that the full name is not shown. I would like to change that and put the product name on two lines but, I do not know how to do that. Does somebody know how to change the product name in category view? To understand the issue, please take a look the attached picture. Thank you, Jorma
  3. Hi I have a problem with a backend - please look the attached picture. I tried to use 1-Click-Update to update my Prestashop to latest version but it showed me some error and after that gave HTML ERROR 500. I did a backup before the update and restored my website but now something is wrong with backend - the design is broken and not there. Fro some reason the "Products" section is not broken. Front-end is all good. Could anybody help me with this problem?
  4. Hi I have problems with my theme and I would like to get some help. I do not understand why some of the words in the middle of sentence have capital letters. It seems to have a theme problem but I am not sure. Does anybody know how to fix this error? Picture attached - problem 1. In the picture you can also see problem 2 - is it possible to extend the title of product? I am looking forward the feedback.
  5. Hi I have looked lot of problems regarding this issue but still have not managed to fix it. I have a "tax included" text on the product view page what I would like to remove but I do not know how to do it. I understand that I have to change the code but could you please specify how exactly? I am using Prestashop 1.7. Picture attached - I would like to remove the "Maksudega" text (translated from tax included).
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