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  1. On 21/10/2018 at 9:29 PM, sakgiok dice:

    I needed a COD with fee module and since I couldn't find what I was looking for (for free), I decided to make one myself.

    Some features:

    • Compatible with multiple currencies and multiple shops
    • Ability to either integrate the COD fee with the Carrier's fee, or add a dummy product in the order to reflect the fee, with configurable tax.
    • Many parameters to check for in order to apply the fee (cart total, delivery country, delivery zone, carrier, customer group, product categories, manufacturers, suppliers).
    • Many ways to calculate the fee (fixed value, percentage of the cart value or a combination of the two).
    • All parameters are defined in conditions, which each calculates a fee if is validated. You can choose to use the first one that was validated, or add all of the successful ones to define the fee.
    • Ability to test a scenario to see if your condition will produce the desirable fee.
    • Ability to store all the purchases done with this module, with a complete log of how the fee was calculated.
    • Ability to check (or autocheck if configured) for an update.

    I intend to keep updating it, so please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

    You can find it in github as well if you want to contribute (sakgiok/codwfeeplus).

    Edit: v1.0.9 added real time cart summary update during checkout for Prestashop v1.7

    Edit: v1.0.10 fixed a bug with carriers not listed when they were added by a module.

    Edit: v1.1.0 added a condition type field to be able to disable module when these conditions are met, plus a bug fix and some color redesign (Control+F5 to reload the page to see the new css).

    Edit: v1.1.1 Taxes are now displaying correctly in PS1.7 cart summary and in PS 1.6-1.7 invoice and added some helpful buttons in condition parameter editing.

    Edit: v1.1.2 Order State is available to be configured plus some bug fixing and visual fixes. Some sanity checks added to make sure all condition values are present in Prestashop.

    Edit v1.1.3 Fixed a serious bug in payment validation.

    Edit v1.1.4 Fixed some bugs reported here (cart summary in PS1.7, tax displaying, reordering with COD Product etc).

    Edit v1.1.5 Added compatibility for PS versions and

    Edit v1.1.6 Fixed a bug for some PS versions < and added provision for PS version

    Edit v1.1.7 Added "States" field in conditions to validate against the state of the delivery address.

    Edit v1.1.8 Fixed a bug that prevented the module to work when installed fresh.


    codwfeeplus_1.1.8.zip 250.39 kB · 303 downloads

    GitHub Link:




    Username: [email protected]

    Password: demodemo

    I installed your module and I must say that it works well and is great because it manages to make many combinations, I asked if you had in mind to modify it with the addition of commissions also on payment methods like paypal, credit card, satispy.
    thank you for your time.
    Greetings greetings

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