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  1. Hello, I am interested in the last part of the question. How can you show the features for each product on the home page maybe through the homefeatured module. Or is there a module that displays products with their data sheet information on the homepage? Thanks
  2. Did you rename blocknewproducts.txt to blocknewproducts.tpl? You can ensure your changes are reflected by going to the backend and going to PREFERENCE - PERFORMANCE. Set "Force compile" to YES and reload. Make sure you set it back to NO after the change is reflected.
  3. Have you tried the one uploaded by Henbo? He attached the file for Matrice theme. The file is a text file so you have to rename from blocknewproducts.txt to blocknewproducts.tpl.
  4. I could not attach the file in my previous post. I also noticed that some parts of the code I attached were stripped by the editor (e.g. $img src= stripped to just img). So I am trying again to attach the file. I hope it works this time. Enjoy! blocknewproducts.txt
  5. Well. I worked out a solution. I edited themes/blackwhite/modules/blocknewproducts.tpl by changing the codes that fetch the thumbnail images below: I found 4 instances of the code above in the file with the only differences being in the numbers contained in each instance, i.e. $new_product.0.id_image, $new_product.1.id_image, $new_product.2.id_image, etc. I then changed the code above to the one below: getImageLink($new_products.link_rewrite, $new_products.0.id_image, 'medium')}" alt="{$new_products.0.legend|escape:htmlall:'UTF-8'}" /> Please note that I made necessary changes in the numbers in the 4 instances where I made the changes. I noticed that the forum editor is stripping the codes so I am attaching a copy of my edited blocknewproducts.tpl Download and use instead of copying the code above. I left the codes above since you might need some explanations. Copy only the needed lines from the file since Division tags might vary in Matrice. Keep a backup of your original file please. All the best!
  6. I am having the same problem. Thumbnail images under the New Products and Top Seller Blocks are not showing. The link to the images do not exist. How do I solve this. These images come up whenever I change to the default prestashop theme.
  7. Hello Friends I have posted something on this in the past but got no definite solution. I was introduced to Prestashop several months ago. I started by installing the v1.3.4 but could not work with it as I was being logged out of the backend after one or two clicks. After trying all the different suggestions I read in the forum, I decided to abandon prestashop altogether. I later came back when 1.3.5 came out and it installed well and I did not experience this problem. Since my store have not being lauched, I decided to wait for v1.4 - the problem now is that I am having the same problem all over. I have joomla, phpbb3, magento and others installed on my site and none is giving me this problem. Prestashop should look closely at this. In the meantime, could someone help me out pleaseeeeeeeeee! Niyi
  8. No, still not working. Later Edit: I dit it. I paste the .htacces code from a post of this topic, not from the site and it worked. The code is: RewriteRule ^blog/?$ /modules/newscore/news.php [L,E] RewriteRule ^blog/entry/([0-9]+)-([a-zA-Z0-9-]*)(.html)?$ /modules/newscore/news.php?id_entry=$1 [QSA,L,E] RewriteRule ^blog/category/([0-9]+)-([a-zA-Z0-9-]*)(.html)?$ /modules/newscore/news.php?category_id=$1 [QSA,L,E] RewriteRule ^blog/category/([0-9]+)-([a-zA-Z0-9-]*)/entry/([0-9]+)-([a-zA-Z0-9-]*)(.html)?$ /modules/newscore/news.php?category_id=$1&id;_entry=$3 [QSA,L,E] Any differences? Doesn't mather... it works! Great! Congrats and all the best! I will be glad to assist with other things if I can, just PM me.
  9. Well. If you are not using the friendly url, yourwebsite.com/blog/ is not the right link to access your blog. Try this instead: http://www.yourdomain.com/modules/newscore/news.php. Best of luck
  10. Hello Friend, Have u solved this problem? If not, I had a similar problem and there were some things I did. Try these steps: 1. Try to view your front office by yourwebsite.com/blog/ 2. If you get a "page not found" message, change the permissions of the following folder and file in your module/newscore through your ftp or file manager. - newscore 755 - news.php 644 3. If the error you get is an internal server error, there might be error in the codes you copied to your .htaccess (Hope you did that after installing the modules, if not search this forum or the module developer site for the codes). Hope this is helpful.
  11. Sorry for delayed response, I read above messages and I'm not sure the exactly reasons. If you have ability to edit the php file, please try to edit the 'footer.php', you can find below codes in line #8: <?php include $newsBottom; ?> just revise it to: <?php //include $newsBottom; ?> this revision disable loading the foot image - this image just a link which open a how-to video. After the updating, please try again to see whether this issue removed or not, hope this is useful. Thank you. It did removed the problem from the pages.
  12. Gerra Thank you very much. I am very excited! Your suggestion worked! Cheers! Niyi
  13. Hello Friends, Does this module work on Prestashop 1.3.5? I have installed these modules following the instructions as provided. When I attempted to view the news I added, I only get a "Page Not Available" error. When I added the codes to the .htaccess, I got an "Internal Server Error" What am I doing wrong? Niyi
  14. Thanks Rocky. I found something interesting. The remove button link in the affected pages using the default theme is the same with no token in front, but when clicked, it refreshes or redirects to the cart summary page and the product is removed without any error. The same thing under my Matrice Theme however results into the "token error" message. The page refreshes or redirects too but bring up the error message instead of the cart summary page. Other pages do not refresh but the product is removed within the module Niyi
  15. Hello Friends Can anyone help regarding the above? I still cannot resolve it. Any suggestion is welcomed! Niyi
  16. Hello friends I cannot remove products listed in the column cart on the order pages. It works well on product, cms, home and other pages but on the cart, checkout, address, shipping and all the pages with "order.php" steps pages - it does not work. I discovered that the link on the remove buttons in the cart on the okay pages is as below: mywebsite.com/cart.php?delete&id_product=10&ipa=0&token=7090b174439d88f7ab7db03f9a7b9b0f On the order steps pages (cart, checkout, shipping, etc), it only shows the link below: mywebsite.com/cart.php?delete&id_product=10&ipa=0&token;= As you can see, the token code is empty. That is why it does not work on these pages. When clicked, it brings the "invalid token" error. How can I correct it?
  17. Hi Ash Go to MODULE in the folder you installed prestashop in. Edit this file: module/blockcategories/blockcategories.tpl Edit line 5 of the following lines: {l s='Categories' mod='blockcategories'}
  18. Friend! I have spent the whole day struggling with this but I could not just break through. I am using the Matrice theme and when I tried to place the MGC Carousel module on the home page, it pushes down the left column spoiling the look of my page. I guess this is a theme issue as it has affected some of my other modules. Please see the attached picture and help me. Secondly, the whole pictures are displayed on the page on loading before it gets to its right form and it does not look good too.
  19. Thank you for this nice module! I however have a problem with the Contact Form position on my Theme. I use the Matrice Theme and it is displaying the contact form the way it is the picture attached. The form should be where the red arrow point just after and beside the left column. As it is now, it is on top of the left column thereby pushing the left column down. Can you please guide me on where to make adjustments? Thank you very much!
  20. Thank you for this nice module. I however have a problem with the Contact Form position on my Theme. I use the Matrice Theme and it is displaying the contact form the way it is the picture attached. The form should be where the red arrow point just after and beside the left column. As it is now, it is on top of the left column thereby pushing the left column down. Can you please guide me on where to make adjustments? Thank you very much!
  21. Hi Friend Thanks for the lovely module. It installed well but I am getting this error message concerning the footer: Warning: include() [function.include]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/theper21/public_html/VideoPlayer/footer.php on line 8 Warning: include(http://www.gotelement.com/home/_resource/video-player-pplayer/news/101115/news.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/theper21/public_html/VideoPlayer/footer.php on line 8 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'http://www.gotelement.com/home/_resource/video-player-pplayer/news/101115/news.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:/home/theper21/php') in /home/theper21/public_html/VideoPlayer/footer.php on line 8 What could be causing this please?
  22. I finally resolved this on my own. View solution Here! Thanks to UltraWebDev for the lead! Cheers
  23. I finally resolved this on my own. View solution at this Here! Cheers
  24. Well, After much toil, I was able to resolve this by duplicating the productcomments module in the matrice theme modules' folder. I retained only productcomments.tpl and tab.tpl alongside the php files (en, es, fr). I checked the product.tpl in matrice folder and around line 306, find out that a module already has the #idTab5 same as that in the productcomments.tpl and tab.tpl. So I just noted the number not taken yet and changed the "5" in #idTab5 in productcomments.tpl and tab.tpl into the new number. That's all!
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