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  1. Hello, We have just launched our online shop (https://lovetruk.eus) and we receive an e-mail alert because of a new order, it always appears first a product which we do not offer: "Mountain fox notebook Style : Ruled". This product does not change the total ammount and it does not appear when you watch orders on the website. What is happening? Thank you very much.
  2. Yo también tengo el módulo de RedSys y me gustaría poder traducir "Pago con tarjeta", igual que he traducido el resto de la tienda; pero no sé cómo hacerlo.
  3. Hi! I am translating my shop to Basque (https://lovetruk.eus/eu/) but I can not translate some words from the footer links: New Products Stores Delivery Personal Info Jarri gurekin harremanetan Orders Where or how can I translate them? I try it with the translation tool of the Back Office, but they do not change... I really do not understand what is happening because I have translated the rest. Thank you!
  4. When you are going to proceed to checkout an order in Classic theme, some modules (menu, language, account) disappear from displayTop and displayNav2 hooks. You can see it trying an order at http://demo.prestashop.com. How can I have the same modules at the top of the website in every page? Thank you.
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