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  1. Probably has more to do with the hosting enviroment for PHP then the version. Have you ran the phpchecker? have a look at it here https://github.com/jstillings1/psphpchecker
  2. I bet if you check the admin folder is not named Admin123. It appends a huge string of characters sometime during the install after you delete the install folder. If it was just admin when you renamed it, then Prestashop probably renamed it after you did.
  3. If your on shared hosting 100 processes is not for your share but the whole server ... Every ten minutes of someone connects to check a branded email.. that is 1 process. Look at your cpanel version. If not most current, update it. They had a php bug with 5.6+ that was not dockering shared hosting, the fix is in the new cpanel. Hosting is not a set it and forget it thing.
  4. Maybe I am being dumb but I can not find where to update my email address for the forums. Any ideas?
  5. Welcome to the fun of Cache! Your server is very powerful but the cache will time out and a day later a problem will show up or go away if you are developing with the hardware or software cache on and forgetting to clear it before checking. I check all my stuff with firefox with developer mode on with network tools button disable cache checked and then I have cache off under performance till its done.
  6. just put in a ticket with the dev here. https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme The tool I am using is web developer tools in firefox and chrome. they are available to anyone that click it in the menu. They will know what to do. Most likely you just need an update.
  7. Good luck best I can do is point ya here, as what your trying to do is out of my expertise. http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Sample+Usages+and+Specifics#SampleUsagesandSpecifics-Dataexchangebetweenstores
  8. I think the reason your seeing CMS is cause you have a different Contact module enabled. Look for modules that are disabled and renable contacts.
  9. Cool info musicmaster thanks for that! I will check it out. The coding in 1.7 is a wild ride but the end user experience on the backoffice of the shop we built has been fantastic. Straight out of college and she was 100 percent using it by day 3 with confidence. The big box guys can't even claim that after weeks.
  10. See if ya can find this http://prntscr.com/l668ym http://prntscr.com/l666vf i do not know if that is a fix I used a buddys backend demo to locate that . Hope i didnt monkey it up for him, Thanks @Prestaheroes
  11. Normally people tell me i am nuts and block me:) haha Hope cpanel gets a fix in soon. Easy Apache 4 had an update to the repository oct 10. You can see if updating cpanel will fix anything:)
  12. Prestashop has a ton of .htaccess files in it under numerous folders. The 500 Error is solvable the 403 that will follow is not unless Cpanel pushed a fix that i am unaware of. But I admire you for sticking at it! You can catch some of the fun i had on youtube if you get board and want to see me trouble shoot that 500 and 403 all night long:) jeremiah stillings is the thing to search. or you can catch some fun on the https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/10768 lots of fun videos there!
  13. Without coding Haha THROW money at it! https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-costs/19959-shipping-costs-per-zipcode-zone-country-state-city.html
  14. They ninja modded something to contacts that ain't on the change log. In fact I am seeing reports of contacts actually saying CMS now instead. Let me go look at that branch on github and see what really changed that didnt make it to the readme. I don't see any changes on the github that will affect this. I am doing a file compare on the downloads from the site to see if there is a whoopsie:) Will take a long time. Be back later. I do not see anything that would cause in I just saw what you wrote:P 1.7.3.... Slaps forehead. -.3 fixes a ton of issues try upgrading.
  15. That currently will probably be two different modules you would need to use. I was looking hard at this devs solution but have not bought it to explore it yet. It looks like it could solve part of the issue but not the discount for bulk issue. I noted they have a demo of it in 1.7 but I was unable to see it working so I didn't buy it. They say look before you leap. This is the closest thing I know of though to what ya need. https://psdemo.ndk-design.fr/gb/13-customizable-product
  16. Yup, That webpay is a module you added that is not up to speed for as the way it works is a tad different code wise. Everything has to use ienum now and that module is not. Go see if they have an update, and if they don't disable it and try the paypal free module.
  17. My guess is your on a shared host and that container has reached it max limit of processes at that very second when they bought. In my experience, some hosting limits how many processes every shared host can have at one time and if you google this with your hosts name you might find out if yours is one. Because this is just not sending your probably not even getting a exim or dovecot mail log of it. Very hard to troubleshoot. See if your hosting has a process limit, as that is normally the issue for random intermittent problems. If you log into your hosting control panel there should be somewhere that shows you running processes and often times the only indication of this is in that panel where it will say 6/20 which means your entire shared host you and the other 3 people on it can only have 20 total. If one of your neighbors is using a mailing list campaign this can eat processes up fast. Nothing you can do about noisy neighbors other then move. Just a stab in the dark from years of experience. Hope this helps:)
  18. Side note: 1and1 should have a SSL section in that hosting plan. Learn how to get it enabled, I am unfamiliar with this host and I do not have any knowledge of what they offer,other then you need it. Most hosting in the US, it is free via cpanel auto ssl or Lets encrypt , unsure if they offer same. But most buyers look for it and will not purchase anything without it.
  19. My immediate thought is this. You do not have a cname in use for dns which means your set up to use WWW on all domains. Your shop is setup to goto http:// instead of http://www. Try going into the backend and added the www. Clear your dns cache local via ipconfig /flushdns if your on windows 10, just type it in the Type here to search box, and open the site incognito to avoid cache of browser. If still same error, yell back. Looks like you figured this out already and forced the removal of the www. Good job. Disregard the above. http://www.redirect-checker.org/index.php if ya ever need to figure out if your 301/302 is working.
  20. Your post got buried, I just seen this. Let me dig a little. I will first check the dns and make sure it has propagated properly.
  21. Anubis2702 glad ya got it working. From what i have noticed, the JQuery call in PS has changed a lot. NemoPS hinted at this change in his reply. If you look at your themes JS file you may note it could be completely anonymous functions and the parameter it is passing is now called d= vs the old one where mod= worked. I think by renaming it you triggered a feature in PS where it does like auto update of your code and it search replaces things, but not real sure and this is just a guess. Do a file compare to whats working on live and your Github version and see if there is JQuery parameter changes. Also note Core now has a version of JQuery in it and if your module is loading it's own that could be an issue. I have seen other mod authors report this is the case. Hope this helps.
  22. This is a theme issue. Put in a ticket on the leotheme developers page. It is likely they have a patch or will be able to patch quickly. The reason this is happening is very technical and is best fixed by the theme developer.
  23. Make sure your bookmark into backoffice is marketplace/admindev/ DO NOT include that token in the bookmark
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