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  1. Hi, I will check with my IT as he solved it. The only thing I know that it was an easy fix for him and that the correct code can be found on github. If I get more feedback from him, I will let you know. Regards, Armin
  2. maar kan ik met 1 vervoerder al deze opties combineren? Zowel op basis van prijs als gewicht? mvg, Armin
  3. Hi, I am trying to setup the following shipping costs (from Belgium, only delivery in Europe): - shipping per weight: I would need an extra shipping cost for orders above 30 kilo, also extra costs above 40, 60, 70 kilo - shipping per price: I would like to offer free shipping for orders above 99 EURO but only if the weight is below 30 kilo Is this combination possible with the included prestashop shipping module? Thank you for any advice. Regards Armin
  4. Hallo, ik probeer de prestashop verzendmodule alsvolgt op te zetten: - ik wil een meerkost aanrekenen vanaf 30 kilo en dan nog eens extra kost vanaf 40, 60, 70 kilo - ik wil dit combineren met gratis verzendkosten bij zendingen tot 30 kilo (enkel dan!) vanaf € 99. Is deze combinatie mogelijk in prestashop (zonder extra module)? Dank je, Armin
  5. Hi, I cannot find the translation field back (see attachment). Can someone help? Regards, Armin
  6. Hi, when I activate the debug mode I noticed that each time I click on a category to view products in the front end, I get the error contexterrorexception in product.php line 4523. This is only when I activate the debug mode, so clients don't see this problem but I still want to solve it, maybe it is a severe error? More information see attachment. I use Prestashop 1.7.2. and hosting godaddy. I am not a programmer nore an expert IT person but I know how to access the hosting and database. Kind regards, Armin
  7. Hi, since a few weeks my clients often get a blank screen after paying an order. When I activate the debug mode, I get the error message contexterrorexception in customerformatter.php line 215 (more information see attachment). I am not a programmer or IT-person but I know how to access my hosting (godaddy) and database. How can I solve this error? I am using prestashop 1.7.2. and godaddy hosting. Regards, Armin
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