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  1. Hrmmm, my e-mail account is through live (hotmail). I chose the first option - use the PHP mail function.
  2. Hrmmm, I am pretty new to all of this too. I do have a go daddy host and I did a practice order today and I got the e-mail just fine. I don't know what would be different....
  3. But I've noticed the tags show up on my home page and it looks tacky to me. Does that apply to just the search that is on my prestashop store, or does it also apply when someone is looking up something related to my site on say, google or yahoo?
  4. I was wondering, when you are adding new products and such and at the bottom there is that little space for tags, what's the importance of that? What are tags and what do they do?
  5. AWESOME that was exactly what I needed. Thanks ;0)
  6. Is there any way to change or disable the features from the standard "height," "weight," etc. I would like to put custom features in those spaces.
  7. Ok, I am pretty new to this whole presta shop experience. I am trying to put sunglasses online and sell them. So here's the problem I'm running into. Say I have one style of sunglasses, but several different colors - with different information about the lenses and such. Now I know I can add all those pics onto the same page, but as far as I can tell there's no way to differentiate between the numbers. For example my cover picture happens to be have a black frame with gray lenses, and I stated that in the short description. But if I put pictures of other colors on there, the short description is no longer valid with all of them. So, is there a way to have all the different colors of the glasses on one product page and also be able to display different information depending on which color is being viewed by the consumer? I hope all that makes sense lol. Please help.
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