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  1. Of course i meant the category tree, different wording on part, my bad. So I cant find these categories anywhere in the category tree, but they still show up on the page. About the module part, can you please specify what module do you mean? These categories do not show up in the main menu of the page, they show up just in the little panel below the main menu, that shows you the path to the category youre in. I dont know if I am explaining this clearly, thats why i added the screenshots. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  2. MY god this moderator was a dick to you... I have exactly the same problem, removing adress fields in the backend at localization - country menu does not affect the front end. Reading what he responded is just pissing me off.
  3. So, the weirdest thing is happening on my page, best probably explained in screenshots basically on first screenshot you can see category path in the panel below main menu, and there are 2 categories called "Labore et dolore" that have no business being there. You can actually click on them and they open up, with default theme image and text (screenshot 2). Now the weird thing: these categories do not show up anywhere else they are certainly not in the back office category list (screenshot 3 and 4). Why do they show up and how to get rid of them? If you want to check it out, the page is e8shop.sk Thank you for your replies.
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