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  1. I am creating a module of customization and I don't understand de mechanic of this tables. For example where is the input #product_customization_id ? I don't know how integrate my customization on the chart. Now I make the customization for the product and in the product page I have de id of this customization but I don't know how to continue...
  2. public function hookActionProductUpdate($params) { $sqlInstall = "UPDATE " . _DB_PREFIX_ . "product " . "SET customizable = 1"; $returnSql = Db::getInstance()->execute($sqlInstall); } Doing that set as customizable all products of the table less the product what I am saving. I dont understand.
  3. Like this: in install function if (!parent::install() || !$this->_installSql() || !$this->registerHook('actionProductUpdate') || !Configuration::updateValue('CUSTOMIZATIONMODULE_NAME', 'module') )
  4. Still not work, I don't know why, but don't update when I push save on admin product template. I have this exactly code and the hook is resgistered through my module.
  5. I am doing a new module and I want to know how to update and insert values in a table when I save the product options in the back office. I try this but I dont know if the code its ok or where to place it: Db::getInstance()->update('ps_product_shop', array( 'customizable' => 2, )); $query = "UPDATE `"._DB_PREFIX_."product` SET customizable=1 WHERE id_product =".$product->id_product.";"; Db::getInstance()->Execute($query); I try both in hookdisplayAdminProductsExtra and in hookActionProductUpdate
  6. I want to know where displays the hook displayCustomization Thanks
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