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  1. Think it can be changed in the product-list.tpl file. If memory serves it's near the top.
  2. Essai a ouvert le site internet dans mode "incognito" ou avec un browser different.
  3. Client had the same problem as Pez, shopping cart empty when redirecting to PayPal using site in French but worked in English. Product title in French had quotation marks "product" but the English version didn't. Just take the quotation marks out & it will work.
  4. I've been all around the forum looking for answers to this problem in PS After a lot of trial & error I found that if the images are zipped with the extension .JPG or .JPEG (in capitals) it will not upload resulting in the error message file format not recognized!!! If all the images are .jpg or .jpeg (lowercase) when zipped then the upload works Although if you upload images individually they work whether they're uppercase or lowercase! Bizarre.
  5. You'll need to force the template to recompile. Go to prefrences > performance set force compile to yes & cache to no & save. Go to your site page & refresh, once the changes are complete, change force compile & cache back to the previous settings.
  6. I've just checked your robots.txt file & it's not the same as the one in my post #7. It's the original one with the lines: Disallow: /*orderby= Disallow: /*orderway= Disallow: /*tag= Disallow: /*id_currency= Disallow: /*search_query= Disallow: /*id_lang= Disallow: /*back= Disallow: /*utm_source= Disallow: /*utm_medium= Disallow: /*utm_campaign= Disallow: /*n= at the end. Your link above to the URL restricted by robots.txt: "http://www.dura-tex.co.uk/31--fixing-underlay?n=10&id_category=31" is being restricted because of the line "Disallow: /*n=" It's using the * which denotes wildcard, so every url with "n=" is being restricted! Change your robots.txt to the one in post #7, then you'll just have to wait for Google to recrawl & index the correct URLs. You're right in saying Google flags 'URL restricted by robots.txt' as errors, but they are not errors just restrictions.
  7. The payment tab screen should look like this. (see picture attached) Just click the options you want to use & save.
  8. Hi NOJoke, This doesn't seem that difficult to set up. I'll DM you my email address.
  9. I have sent you an email Deborah, should you wish to contact me via this forum please feel free to send me a direct message.
  10. If you've made changes to the template & they're not showing up you may need to force compile. Go to preferences > performance & then set force compile to yes & cache to no. Refresh your site to see if the changes show up. Once done change force compile & cache back to original settings.
  11. It seems to be the bullet arrows >> for each line are repeating. If you comment out the image location on line 7 of URL/yourtheme/css/modules/blockmyaccount/blockmyaccount.css like this /* div.myaccount ul.bullet li { background-image: url('../../../img/bullet_myaccount.gif') } */ It will remove them.
  12. Are you sure you have ticked the boxes in the payment tab for the EBS payment module to be available in the required currencies, groups & countries.
  13. What's the URL of your site so I can have a look? It'll be easier to find the solution.
  14. @christmascrackers is correct, just add another carrier called next day. Phil I see you ship your Christmas Crackers to France, are the prices on your site per cracker? or do they come in a box?
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