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  1. Hallo zusammen, wie kann man in Presta "Preload key requests" aktivieren um die Ladeteit der Seiten zu verbessern? ich verwende fast out of the box. Danke für Eure Hinweise!
  2. wir haben mit PrestaSpeed recht gute Erfahrungen gemacht - allerdings kann ich nicht sagen, ob Deine Kandidaten sich besser schlagen würden.
  3. @Tecc - klasse EIngrenzung des Fehlers und smarter Workaround!! Funktioniert bei uns gut. Danke! Die Modul-Autoren sind da offenbar noch nicht so weit - man sucht den Fehler (in meinem Fall) noch bei den Einstellungen auf Seiten des PayPal Kontos.
  4. btw.: This also happens if I turn off all cache options.
  5. Hello, I receive constant fatal PHP errors: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: 0():Missing '$template' parameter <-- , referer: https://<mySite>/en/order thrown in [...]PS1_7/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php on line 177 This is probably triggered by the paypal checkput - but the checkout does work (now that I took back all changes I made to "themes/classic/assets/css/custom.css" - but the logged error remains) I am using the standard template without customization. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello all, I just noticed a strange thing: If I add the following lines to it will either kill or make the checkout with PayPal highly unstable: #wrapper { background: #DDEEFF; background-image: url('../../../../img/background2.png'); } What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance! BJ
  7. found it - apparently you need to also edit ps_product_shop
  8. Hello, I wanted to edit the weight effect of a large number of variations directly in the database. So I found the "weight" column in "ps_product_attribute" and change the values there. Unfrotunately once I check the product in the PS backend I still find the old weight values in the form. Do I need to update someting else or rebuild something? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hallo, PayPal 5.10 erzeugt in unserem Presta Shop immer wieder Zahlungsfehler - d.h. der Kunde zahlt - die Zahlung kommt bei uns auch an aber der Shop setzt den Status "Fehler bei der Bezahlung" Ich habe festgfestellt, dass das PayPal Modul anzeigt, dass die curl Version 7.34.0 benötigt würde - 7.29.0 ist auf unserem Server installiert. Leidet kann das nicht geändert werden und das Modul funktioniert ja auch häufig. 1) Kann curl die Ursache für die Zahlungsfehler sein? 2) Was kann noch die Ursache sein und wie kann ich hier genaueres herausbekommen? Danke vorab!
  10. thanks! I ignored the error and the manually updated the file after one-click was through. Guess it worked
  11. Hello all, my 1click upgrade from to fails because there is one "updated" file - the robots.txt. I tried to remove it (then the error switches to missing file) or re-generate it - same result - Error: "file updated" How can I ignore that (if advised) and continue to upgrade? Thanks!
  12. ich bekomme die selbe Fehlermeldung - egal ob ich robots.txt neu generiere (dann lautet die Fehlermeldung "files updated") - oder umbenenne ("Fehler: Missing file") und ja - ich kann in diesem Fall nicht upgraden... Hat jemand eine Idee?
  13. hi, I installed 1-Click-upgrade 4.1 on Presta each time I click on the module it will take quite some time and then will meeting up an 500-error page. server is running php 7.1 and sql 5.6 any suggestions?
  14. thanks - that was my 1st thought, but currently my provider only offers MySQL 5.6... Any suggestions on how to track down the source of the error?
  15. Hello, in my Prestashop all returning customers will see an empty shopping cart even if they put items in it the last time they logged in. I can see those carts as "abandoned" in the cart list. Is this a known problem? Who has any solution or even a hint what or how I can investigate further. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, I migrated my customer data from Presta 1.6.x to - copying the cookie_key from my old shops config to the new app/config/parameters.php and it all went well for about 2 weeks (I tested it with several test accounts I made on the old system and tried on the new) now without any changes I would be aware of costumers can't log in (Authentication error in the frontend) any more. I confirmed this for the test accounts. Further - even new test accounts (or customers) will not be able to log in a 2nd time after their account was created. I checked several migration guides and found rijndael and rijndael_key and rijndael_iv that I did not copy before. Will I also need to copy cookie_iv? What about the rijndael_x ? I can't find those in the 1.7.x shop? Could this be responsible for the login problem or can it be something else? Thanks for your help!
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