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  1. I want to implement that script from 1.4 prestashop to 1.7 but im not sure how exacly to do it.
  2. Hello, Im trying to transform the generated invoice- witch is pdf to be an excel file. I need this for faster import to other program. I know there are a lot of addons but they all export all orders and i need them to be separaded and exported order by order with specific filters. I have this function working in older version of prestashop - 1.4.0 and im trying to implement it to the 1.7.* So when you click on the invoice it automaticly transforms the invoice in excel. I have the code and im gonna share it here but i cant get it to work on the 1.7 i thing im missing something? This is the pdf.php . Do I have to edit the template of the invoice? - I know that there are a lot of changes from 1.4 to 1.7 but this is super simple solution that actualy works without unnesessry moduls. function generateInvoicePDF() { if (!isset($_GET['id_order'])) die (Tools::displayError('order ID is missing')); $order = new Order((int)($_GET['id_order'])); if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($order)) die(Tools::displayError('cannot find order in database')); //PDF::invoice($order); if (isset($order->products) AND sizeof($order->products)) $products = $order->products; else $products = $order->getProducts(); require '../php-excel.class.php'; $data = array(); $item = array(); $item[] = 'Продукт'; $item[] = 'Номер'; $item[] = 'Количество'; $item[] = 'Ед. Цена'; $item[] = 'Обща Цена'; $data[] = $item; foreach($products as $product){ $item = array(); $item[] = $product['product_name']; $item[] = $product['product_reference']; $item[] = $product['product_quantity']; $item[] = number_format($product['product_price'], 3); $item[] = number_format($product['product_quantity']*$product['product_price'],3); $data[] = $item; } $xls = new Excel_XML('UTF-8', false, 'Order'); $xls->addArray($data); $xls->generateXML('order'); } Anyone have any sugestions??
  3. Yes i have file with csv i imported more than 6000 products. But these prices needs to be updated reguarly
  4. Hmmm this actualy works, but my problem is that this is fixing the price and i have to do it for 6000 products, but at least its un progres.
  5. Hello Im looking for a solution on this problem.My company has diferent prices - 1 its for regular customers and the second is for special customers and the 3-rd one is the price witch we buy the product for. Ive created two diferent groups (Regular customers and second is Specific Customers) and ive imported all clients to the groups. I want when the customer logs in to see his price according to the group. Example Regular customer - 4 $ Specific Customer - 2$ Im not talking about the disscount in specific price,the prices are fixed.I m talking about 7k products and 5k customers. Is it posible to add another field or even more than one to the products in version Our warehouse's web witch im trying to improve is using Prestashop 1.4.0 and there they have 4 fields for price's (see picture below) And its connected to the groups. If you have any sugestions ...? I have started the new project on - Because the latesest version of Prestashop has a problem with the latin lang.*Bulgarian*(everything gets in symbols)
  6. DId u find any solution to this problem?? Im haveing the exact same problem with Bulgarian Lang, its replacing worlds with ?? and other symbols.
  7. You can chose how to display the product disscount. You can chose disscount by percent(%) or price disscount (-1.00$). In each product on Price -/Specific price- than u can chose disscount type - by (%) or direct disscount (1.00$)
  8. Hello guys im having a little problem that i cant find a solution to it: We have special clients with special pricess and we dont want to show them the disscount. For expample if i add a special price to one client it shows the original price cutted with a line and than shows the disscounted price. Is it posible to show only the disscounted price for the group-(The price without tax) without seeing the disscount and the original price. .
  9. Hello prestashop forums. Im new in prestashop and i have a problem that i cannot fix. The main problem is with the top banner of the page isn't full size. In the picture u can see what im talking about. I have read all the the topic https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/330123-solved-block-banner-with-full-width/ but this didn't work for me. As u can see in the picture the right side of the banner show's black color. I have added this code in the global.css and now the baner moved to the left side but the right side is still black. Any suggestions? .banner .container, header .banner a {max-width:100%!important; width:100%!important;}
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