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  1. I have the same problem on godaddy, how do I change to phpmail instead of smtp?
  2. Well I did managed to override some settings with php.ini but probably I need to change more, here is my PHPinfo file at the moment if someone clever would like to take a look and make a guess: http://www.breathcatchers.com/shop/phpinfo.php Of course I would also like to get the error reporting in order, should I turn on the error_log as well to get more info on the table? @goosedesign, did you ask your hosting support how to change php.ini. There are some difference between the companies so just ask them right away ;-) In my case I had to make a php5.ini file, otherwise it would be for php4 etc.
  3. Thank you for all interesting suggestions, some more symptoms of the problem: Actually a couple of pictures are being recreated, let's say 10% so I don't think this is a folder permission problem. Now my PHP5 value error_reporting is set to 1 so it should be logging the problem? Maybe I should turn on error_log as well, or where does this info turn up? On my server and in my control-panel I only found some access logs so far... Keep up the good work everyone :-)
  4. Greetings Unfortunately I decided to click on the "Regenerate thumbnails" and all my pictures are gone and I get a "Internal Server Error" in backend after trying. So after some look in the forum and help from my support I have created a php5.ini file with the following changes: max_execution_time = 3000 max_input_time = 600 max_input_nesting_level = 64 memory_limit = 128M and I also tested these changes with a phpinfo file and it works... But regenerating the thumbnails still wont work, still "Internal Server Error".... Any other suggestion?
  5. I just made a product with 5280 possible combinations and I have similar problem. OR actually the front end works, but in the backend I get no list of attributes so that I can choose the default one :-( All it says in backend after using the generator is: "No combination yet." Buu hoo :-( Maybe I can dive into the database and set default combination instead?
  6. Interesting! I'll give it a try and let you know how things went. Even more interesting would be to change the ID's around maybe? Also have a sort problem with the CMS articles and the sort order they are output. Or would that be a too risky thing to play around with? Thank you
  7. Greetings, I see other had problems with this, however I didn't find any solution so excuse me for bringing up this question once again. So, my products has attributes in different group and I can't seem to understand what is dictating the order in which they appear? I even went into the database and checked the order there and I find no correlation with the output in my presta shop? Anyone out there solved this mystery? Here is my product: http://www.breathcatchers.com/shop/corsets/20-classic-corset.html and the first attribute group should be "closing" :-( Grateful for any ideas or input, Gekko
  8. Thank you! I had the same problem too :-) Very well done, do you have a little hack for making attributes that doesn't affect Quantity as well? :-P
  9. I'm looking for a module that can handle bundles, so I can offer a product together with another or a mobile phone together with a contract.
  10. Hi I have some attributes like color that comes in different quantities and this Prestashop does very well indeed overriding the quantity on first page. My problem appears when I wish to ad an attribute that only affects the price but not the stock, like extra engraving. Is there anyway to ad this kind of attributes and still make use of the excellent inventory system of Prestashop? So far when I try ta add an non-inventory related attribute and try to skip over "Quantity:" Prestashop gives me an error and refuse to save it. Anyone know if there is a little hack I can do to get around this? All the best, Gustaf Götlund
  11. One solution to the problem above. Enter the code you wish direct into the database via phpMyAdmin. 1. Select your Prestashop database 2. Select the table called ps_product_land 3. Click on "show" and find the product you wish to edit. 4. Clik on edit and enter x-tra code in the field. 5. Don't forget to save... Works like a charm for me...
  12. Hi I need to display a lot of legal information regarding the options I offer for my products (mobilephone bundles with contracts from different operators). Hopefully this will look very nice and pretty one day after I ad some PHP. Today I just want to bring my store online and thought I could just link in some info-pages with an <iframe> in the product description instead. However the HTML editor trash my iframe tag. So here is my question: Is it possible to remove some "filter" or something when editing the HTML for the product description so that prestashop stores all html entered including <iframe>? Would be grateful for any help, and thank you for such a beautiful store! All the best, Gustaf Germany
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