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  1. Hi there all you wonderful Presta-shop helpers! I am so to say done with the website (www.efficientexpress.co.za), I just want to change the currency from ZAR to R. I have changed it in the coding (saw in another forum.) Yet to no change. I will appreciate it if anyone can assist me? URL: https://efficientexpress.co.za/
  2. It did indeed. Once again, Thank you! If you are able to help me, again. Please see my next problem. It shows perfect with list view, now my other problem is with List view. (See images attached.) I have found the coding for the list & grid view in the custom.js file (See attached.) is there a way a can just disable the list view all-together or what settings do I adjust to show the list view properly? Thank You
  3. It worked! However the "Add to cart" / "Out of stock" buttons are not center and are more to the left of the product block. (See image attached.) We are so close to being done and achieving this. I appreciate all your help and assistance!
  4. There is no global.js file, but found a custom.js file which has similar content in. Changed, yet no change. Is there a way I could get you to see the back end? In being able to help me? Maybe the CPanel? Where all the files sit? As this is urgent.
  5. Hi there Yes, sort of. The "Add to cart" Button is however not center and shows two columns for first page. Thereafter it shows one column again. Would you know why? Or be able to assist?
  6. I am in desperate need and help as I need two columns to show with two products next to each other. At the moment only one column shows. URL: www.efficientexpress.co.za Theme: SP HiMarket
  7. Can someone please assist me on this problem? All my products are not lining up. Problem is on product pages themselves? Theme used is : SP HiMarket Domain URL: www.efficientexpress.co.za See the screenshot below. Maybe while I'm seeking help. How do i show the currency as "R" not "ZAR"? My email is [email protected] if you can assist and solve my problem? Thank You
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