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  1. I can see a pdf file, a txt file and a rar file (the module file) in the file from the first page. Probably you will have troubles to install it, follow my instruction in the previous post.
  2. I got it work installing previous version of module, enable it, and overwrite all files with new version via FTP. The same thing for connector. Now export work!
  3. Thank you very much for the support but I think there is some issue in the new version: 1) the module file is .rar and presta1.6 can't install it. 2) I tried to unpack it and repack it in .zip. I got ok message from prestashop but I can't find the module in the module list. 3) even if I upload the module manually via FTP with the same folder name as previous version I can't fond it in the module list. All test made in a local version of prestashop 1.6.24 on php7.2.
  4. Thanks for reply but I can't try difference source because my provider has a lot of fw and security filters that blocks connections. I can't modify php.ini neither. The only why I can use to migrate products is the file download.
  5. Hi, is there any solution to the 1% issue when you try to download the file from source website? I run on free version and got the right execution times, vars and memory limit but I can't download the export file!
  6. Thanks for reply. It's really strange because there are no php related errors and the same for JS. Basically the item is added to the DB cart table but is not displayed in the cart block or in the cart page. I discovered (moving orignial BD into new installed PS) that the issue is file-related but DB-related but I can't discover more.
  7. Hi to all, I got an issue upgrading my site from 1.6.20 to Basically I can update the site without problems and the module says me that all operations are ok. When I log-in to BO everything is all right. The shop with the dafault 1.7 theme is on-line, too. But when I try to add an item in the cart the cart remains empty. The Ajax script is ok (I got status 200 OK inspecting element) but nothing happens. Even without ajax cart the issue is stille there. Cart always says 0 elements and is the same for the /cart page. Has anyone a fix for this issue?
  8. Ciao a tutti, ho un piccolo problema su un sito prestashop configurato con multistore. In pratica ho 3 store che si differenziano esclusivamente per i prezzi e le country: - shop global: valuta euro, utilizzabile da molti paesi - shop canada: valuta usd, utilizzabile solo dal canada -sop uk: valuta sterlina, utilizzabile solo da uk Il tutto funziona come dovrebbe lato front-end. Riguardo al backoffice invece, quando devo modificare un prezzo per un prodotto canadese, nel form ho sempre e comunque il simbolo dell'euro. Il prezzo poi non viene convertito, quindi lato front-end è tutto giusto. L'unico problema è "grafico" (ho il simbolo sbagliato nel form di inserimento) e nelle somme delle vendite di tutti i negozi nella dashboard (in pratica somma euro con CAD e sterline, falsando il dato). Ovviamente i tre negozi hanno 3 default currency diverse impostate nella sezione pagamenti. Qualcuno ha avuto esperienze simili? Grazie mille a tutti!
  9. Hi, someone found a fix for this bug? I got forecast out of order after I downloaded Thailiand lang pack. It's very frustrating!
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