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  1. i too appear to be suffering with this problem. I'm going to update presta tomorrow then find a solution for it. I will try to remember to post back. Let's hope the update fixes it though... this shouldn't be necessary.
  2. hmm attempting to do this myself - you think blockcategories is the way forward then? As I'm at the stage of yourself where I have a duped homefeat. and am now looking to get it displaying the mofo'ing cats...! Mind if I have a look at yours to see how its come out and looks onsite? Thanks. EDIT: got a feeling the answer is in this: $category = new Category(1, Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT')); Code taken from homepagefeatured.php
  3. could probably just use the home page editor thing to edit up a html based linking page mate. wouldn't of thought too much hassle. depends how dynamic you want it, but if the categories are constant then u may as well just code some html with pics & links and slap it in the homepage editor (can;t remember what the modules called).
  4. Thanks for the reply Seb mate... I've added the modifications but the IP is reporting in tests emails as ... its obviously not looking in the right place for the information :/ I looked into this more and with the help of my good friend LazyLegs he has come up with a close but different solution that works first time. 1. Add query code to ContactController.php - (I added this just before the $contact variable is set - line 104): if ( !empty($_SERVER['HTTP_CLIENT_IP']) ) { $ip = $_SERVER['HTTP_CLIENT_IP']; } else if ( !empty($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']) ) { $ip = $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR']; } else { $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; } 2. Add '{ip}' => $ip to Mail:: function (line 116): if (Mail::Send((int)self::$cookie->id_lang, 'contact', Mail::l('Message from contact form', (int)self::$cookie->id_lang), array('{email}' => $from, '{ip}' => $ip, '{message}' => stripslashes($message)), $contact->email, $contact->name, $from, ((int)(self::$cookie->id_customer) ? $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname : ''), $fileAttachment) 3. Edit mail template and add {ip} selector (default template is contact.html in domain.com/mails/..) Hope this helps someone else out, very simple and easy to add when you know how!
  5. Any insights people? Thanks.
  6. Elo fellow presta'ers... I would like to add the IP of the client who is using the contact form on my shop, so that when I receive the contact form email (to which ever employee is set) it gives the IP of the person who sent the contact email. I can't imagine this is too hard but instead of butchering it I thought I'd try and do it the right way. Any suggestions? Obviously the client who receives their own copy does not need to have their IP shown necessarily. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
  7. thanks, I will try this. Have the same problemo! grrr! Update: I didn't copy the updated config folder over to the host on my upgrade - answers this easily!
  8. follow something like this lol at the fat emo WoW guy doing the voice-over. or search for one like the above in ur own language. but that covers most of it, exporting, making new dbs etc.
  9. Hi nextgen, I didn't specifically recreate the tables, I just merely went through them using phpmyadmin to edit the sql DB to be holding the information that it needed as the main problem was the settings I was changing were not getting saved. So essentially you just have to manually edit it instead of using the presta back office GUI.
  10. try just putting in a default price range ie 0-100000 so it covers all.. make sure the address you use is set too UK also (sounds silly but i've seen that error before in peoples haste to create an account). not sure if the states would make a difference... i'd assume not.
  11. could be a number of things.. I'm struggling with a similar issue myself currently. I've found that if I set the carrier to free, it shows... if its set to charge the customer for it's usage its disappearing..! still looking for a solution atm.. I'll update if I find one. But test the above, see if it makes any difference. Also, be sure your weight-range and price-range is set too, along with all the tick boxes and zone entitlements for the regions you wish to send too... easy
  12. Update, Neil's fix of using a fresh ps_carrier table seems to work a treat! On analysis there are a few rows in there which aren't included in some of the older db's i guess. Maybe an oversight in the update process of not updating said table? Thanks for the fix Neil!
  13. Nice Neil, just going to test that fix right now... need to upload a whole presta tho to do so loooooong.....
  14. Right, a quick fix thanks to mr6 on the french IRC chat room... just edit the correct variables u need into phpmyadmin, thus bypassing the shodding presta SQL hookups wa-la! it works! messy but effective hope this helps someone else! feel free to pm me if anyone needs a hand with the phpmyadmin
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