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  1. You have to comment product details li and block in tab.
  2. Have you cleared cache?
  3. You can remove it by removing code in product.tpl file of prestashop directory.
  4. Does anyone have idea how to setup micro data in facebook pixel addon?
  5. <div class="block-categories hidden-sm-down"> <ul class="category-top-menu"> <li><a class="text-uppercase h6" href="{$categories.link nofilter}">{$categories.name}</a></li> <li>{categories nodes=$categories.children}</li> </ul> </div> you have to put this code in tpl file of category page.
  6. You have to replace this much code : <span {if $group_attribute.html_color_code}class="color" style="background-color: {$group_attribute.html_color_code}" {/if} {if $group_attribute.texture}class="color texture" style="background-image: url({$group_attribute.texture})" {/if} title="{$group_attribute.name}" > <span class="sr-only">{$group_attribute.name}</span> </span>
  7. Sorry you have to change it in this file : templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product-variants.tpl because this block comes from here.
  8. You can find here : templates/catalog/product.tpl
  9. You have to edit in invoice.tpl file of pdf folder i prestashop directory.
  10. You have to change in tpl file of category page.
  11. Can theme sellers use this module to use it in themes and sell it?
  12. I'm not sure but I think there is no such kind of possibilities are there.
  13. Souhaitez-vous changer votre langue en anglais ou vouloir installer un nouveau thème?
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