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  1. you can set it by css also by giving it width 33.3333%. You no need to change in module file.
  2. I tried it but i can't find my field text "write us a message here" that i want to translate.
  3. Download it from https://github.com/PrestaShop/ps_customersignin and install it from back office.
  4. Yes. you can directly install it from back-office > modules > selection.
  5. When i change the my store language from English to Spanish some fields of contact form not translated. How can i translate it.? Can anyone help me.
  6. You have to reinstall ps_customersignin module form backoffice > modules > selection.
  7. just reinstall your shopping cart module and enable ajax cart your problem will be fix.
  8. I just reinstall shopping cart module after installing any themes and its woks in my case.
  9. You have to regenerate thumbnail images after changing image setting and lastly clear the cache.
  10. You can set it by css. Give 33.3333% width to every block.
  11. </li> *} {if $product.attachments} correct it. </li> *} {if $product.attachments}
  12. Find the product-tabs-h.tpl or product-tabs-section.tpl file.
  13. put below code whrere you want to add. <div class="block-categories hidden-sm-down"> <ul class="category-top-menu"> <li><a class="text-uppercase h6" href="{$categories.link nofilter}">{$categories.name}</a></li> <li>{categories nodes=$categories.children}</li> </ul> </div>
  14. Please find the answer in below post. I commented for mobile number required. You can follow same for birth date also. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/867885-how-to-make-mobile-number-mandatory-prestashop-17/
  15. You can add your css in custom.css file with related class.
  16. Does anyone know how to show 'To' and 'From' Or Expiry date of specific price(discounted price) on product page in prestashop 1.7?
  17. can you please share your url ? so i can find which block you have to comment.
  18. Can you explain how you removed it? have you just removed it from back office or you have removed it from prestashop directory?
  19. You can make it required from back office Please see the below image. .
  20. You will find correct file in your theme folder /templates/catalog/product.tpl
  21. You have to comment this line <li class="nav-item"> <a class="nav-link{if !$product.description} active{/if}" data-toggle="tab" href="#product-details" role="tab" aria-controls="product-details" {if !$product.description} aria-selected="true"{/if}>{l s='Product Details' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</a> </li>
  22. When click on add to cart my add to cart pop up not working and when i refresh page item shows in the cart after refresh. I have reinstalled module shopping cart and cleared cache but nothing happens. please help me to solve it.
  23. Can you share your url here?
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