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  1. Hello, I want to show specific price (Discount) end date on product page. How can i do this? Does anyone have idea.
  2. I agree with you. Does any have any solution that how can we implement it?
  3. But there shoplud vbe link of back to checkout page if some one wants to edit the order details. Can we add back to checkout page link?
  4. Your header of checkout page looks different than another pages because of this style sheet of default theme. body#checkout #header .header-nav { max-height: none; padding: 5rem 0 .9375rem; border: none; margin-bottom: 0; box-shadow: 2px 2px 8px 0 rgba(0,0,0,.2); } You have to override it.
  5. Remove - ps_contactinfo from displayNav1 and have you changed in any .tpl file ?
  6. Can you please share the hooks defined there?
  7. Can you mplease share code in php file so that i can found what is missing.
  8. Remove it from hook in config/theme.yml file
  9. I also found this bug in classic theme also. Sometimes in ajax cart pop up image doesn't shows and items not adding to cart.
  10. I agree with you that prestashop 1.7 having too much bugs. In every updated version comes with new bugs which is more than fixed bugs.
  11. Try this : public function hookHeader() { $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path . 'views/css/XXX.css', 'all'); }
  12. You can modify it from header.tpl and .tpl files of related module in header section.
  13. This is classes of bootstrap so when you change here it will affects everywhere. you have to assign new class in div where you want to change and give style to that only.
  14. Can anyone guide me how to add advanced search in search bar with category list.
  15. You have to edit css like this. #category .product-miniature .product-item { width: 33.3333%; float: left; }
  16. I tried it. {l s='write us a message here' d=Shop.Pstheme'} replaed with {l s='write us a message here' d='Modules.Contactform.Shop'} but still it not showing in back office. All other string showing.
  17. can you please share your url here so that i can understand your issue exactly.
  18. you can use #category .product-item on category page product page.
  19. You have to regenerate thumbnail after the changing image setting and clear cache.
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